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Jimmy Fallon was pushed in a Jeep for Band of Brothers

In episode 5 of Band of Brothers, called "Crossroads" and directed by Hanks, Winters leads the soldiers to an important victory against the enemy Germans.

This Kyler quote from Cobra Kai has hidden meaning

Following a brief second round with the bullies, Johnny subdues Kyler again.

The key Daniel and Amanda conversation in Cobra Kai

In one episode, Daniel (Ralph Macchio) says to his wife, Amanda (Courtney Henggeler), "Hey, my mom used to drive me to my dates." 

Reason behind this Sheldon quirk on The Big Bang Theory

Weirdly, Young Sheldon has deviated from the older Sheldon's account of his childhood on more than one occasion since it began.

Cobra Kai's showrunners weigh in on The Next Karate Kid

In a recent interview with CinemaBlend Cobra Kai creator Jon Hurwitz opened up about the possiblity of Hillary Swank's return to Miyagi-Do Karate.

The Sons of Anarchy character we wanted to live longer

Harry "Opie" Winston was a veritable diamond in the rough, among the Sons of Anarchy cast.

Why Reid never became Unit Chief according to fans

To kick off the discussion, user Superb_Lime_1734 posted several of their unpopular opinions about Criminal Minds.

Everything CSI gets wrong about forensics

Another big problem with the way CSI translates the job from the real world to the TV world is the clothing worn by the characters on the show.

The Bruce Willis '90s cartoon you never knew existed

Jump forward nearly a decade to 1996, and Willis is producing and providing voice work for an animated series called Bruno the Kid.

Must-watch holiday movies and specials you forgot about

Some of these movies are essential viewing because they're beautifully crafted. Others demand your time because they're so wonderfully terrible.

Why Admiral Sauveterre from The Expanse looks so familiar

Think the Martian admiral looks familiar? He should.

Misery Index season 3 release date, cast, and plot

The irreverent game show is grounded in real psychology.

His Dark Materials: Ariyon Bakare geeks out

The Magisterium seeks to shield the world from the truths that science exposes, and Asriel's rogue experiments threaten their grasp over the world.

How this Karate Kid scene influenced Cobra Kai's Daniel

You have a guy who has a family that's together, and you have another guy who is trying to put his family together."

What's the song at the end of King of Kings?

Plenty of people turned to the Vikings Reddit page to ask what the beautifully haunting song was that played over the scenes of Bjorn's final resting place.

Former child actors who ended up being super rich

Jodie Foster has been a major player in Hollywood for decades, so it's pretty easy to forget that she got started in acting at an extremely young age.


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Neighbor Installed Strobe Light To Prevent Epileptic Kids From Using School Bus Stop

For most people with epilepsy, exposure to bright lights at specific intensities can trigger seizures.

Homeless Man Hailed A Hero After Rescuing Dozens Of Cats And Dogs From A Burning Animal Shelter

53-year-old Keith Walker said he noticed the smoke coming out of the building and acted immediately.

The Mandalorian's subtle Jon Favreau touch

In most of Szostak's other art books, you can see how Lucasfilm's artists iterate on ideas over time, producing multiple concepts before they get close to the designs that eventually appear on screen.

Girl Landed Herself A Job Interview At Aldi After She ‘Rejected The Rejection’ In A Daring Email

Jessica Irving has proved that having a NO for an answer can take land you opportunities, including a Job. 

This video game has the longest cutscene of all time

While Metal Gear Solid 4 may have held the record for the longest individual cutscene, Star Ocean: The Last Hope has one that's nearly twice as long.
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