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Who Is The Rockstar In The Stella Artois Super Bowl 2021 Commercial?

Legions of Lenny Kravitz fans will certainly relish the sights and sounds of "Heartbeat Billionaire," but that Stella Artois commercial is hardly his first game day appearance.

What Happened In Endgame During WandaVision Blip Scene

Hawkeye hears the hum of his phone, Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) gazes out the window, and Monica Rambeau returns to existence.

WandaVision Theory Has Us Looking Twice At S.W.O.R.D.

When the Marvel Cinematic Universe adapts ideas, characters, and stories from Marvel Comics, there are often changes made in the transition from one medium to the other.

How Natalie Dormer Feels About Her Game Of Thrones Exit

Though Dormer doesn't get into specifics about the ending of Game of Thrones, most fans would probably agree that she left Westeros at the right time.

The Star Wars Villain We Could See In The Mandalorian

Despite the Empire's number of supporters dropping, and their influence in the core worlds being diminished, they still loom large over The Mandalorian.

The Reason Dutch From The Karate Kid Isn’t In Cobra Kai

Well, according to Cobra Kai's showrunners, McQueen simply couldn't take time out of his schedule to shoot a guest spot

TV Roles That Were Too Mature For Child Actors

Playing Paige Jennings (the daughter of Russian spies embedded in 1980s suburban America), Holly Taylor needed to become a powerhouse performer, and she did.

The Breaking Bad Heist That Changed Jesse Forever

Instead of talking to the kid to find out what he saw, Todd immediately pulls out a gun and kills the kid, much to Jesse's horror.

WandaVision’s Mid-Season Trailer Hints At What’s Ahead

Whether Wanda or some other sinister force controls the town of Westview, it's clear it's a very tenuous grasp.

Famous TV Characters We Never Want To See Recast

Tina Fey's most famous role is as Governor Sarah Palin, but Julianne Moore also did a good job playing her in HBO's Game Change.

Here’s When The Pacific Rim Anime Series Hits Netflix

March of 2021 is going to be a very good month for fans of genre projects.

Rowan Blanchard On Her Snowpiercer Role

Dark and gritty, Snowpiercer is about as far opposite of the Disney Channel as an actor can get — and not that easy of a transition to make in Hollywood.

Lines In Vikings That Mean More Than You Realized

Ragnar is adulterous, and he acts immorally in killing the man who brings the message that the colony in Wessex has been destroyed.

Lucifer Morningstar’s Powers Fully Explained

As one might expect of an archangel, Lucifer has an impressive superhuman physiology.

The Meaning Behind The Characters’ Names

Herb (David Payton), Wanda and Vision's neighbor who has a habit of cutting through walls, is really named John Collins.

The Dark Implications Of WandaVision Episode 4

When Monica, as Geraldine, mentioned Ultron in episode 3, Wanda became furious and expelled her from her bubble.


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