Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Love Island’s Megan Barton-Hanson Gets Mold Of Her Breasts And Vagina

But for those who wish to know, artist Lydia explains it on her website, saying that it is basically about boosting body confidence through female body casts.

‘So terrifying’: Bodycam Footage Shows Moments Officers Handcuff Innocent, Naked Woman During Wrong Raid

The administration of Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot tried to stop the video from being shown on TV in an emergency court

NASA scientists make long-distance ‘quantum teleportation' possible

Quantum teleportation, the act of transferring quantum information from one location to another, is setting strong foundations for a quantum internet service.

14-Year-Old Hunter Girl has set a world record after shooting a 42-point buck

The 14-year-old girl from Cimarron, Kansas was rifle hunting with her dad when she shot a buck with 42-scorable points.

Homophobic father sentenced to 2 years in prison after he hired a hitman to attack his gay son

The 75-year-old man could not bear the thought of his son being gay. Thus

Man who attacked ex-girlfriend fatally stabbed, beaten by her mother and sister

However, he did not succeed as he was stabbed to death by her mother and sister. The man had gone inside after throwing a large rock through the window.

WWII vet turns 100 on Christmas and his family is asking the public to send birthday cards

River is a WWII veteran and the first person at his nursing home to receive the COVID vaccine.

You've probably been cooking Christmas ham wrong, according to culinary experts

It’s only natural that everyone wants to make the most delicious meal for their family on Christmas Eve.

Young Model Falls To Her Death After Climbing Fence At Selfie Hotspot

21-year-old British make-up artist and student, Madalyn Davis, died after she fell to her death at a Bondi Beach ‘selfie spot’.

Two women brawl over PS5 at Walmart, one of them gets stomped on the head and knocked out

he two shoppers started punching and kicking each other while other customers decided to just watch the show and record it on camera.

Will Smith and Jason Derulo surprise 14-year-old cancer patient with a PS5

Megastars Will Smith and Jason Derulo teamed up to surprise a 14-year-old cancer patient with a PlayStation 5 for Christmas. 

Crying California ICU nurse begs people to stop being careless and stay home during the holidays

It is said that the present increase in coronavirus cases is mostly due to holiday travel and celebrations.

Anthony Hopkins Celebrates 45 Years of Sobriety With a New Year's Message of Hope

In a video posted on Tuesday, just two days before his 83rd birthday, Hopkins told his fans in a clip posted on social media,

The unlikely success story of the guy who gets paid for doing NOTHING

Shoji Morimoto, a 37-year-old Japanese man, has a successful career by renting himself out to do nothing, Oddity Central reveals.

Man who couldn't talk and move for 8 years ‘wakes up’ 20 minutes after docs gave him sleeping drug

Dr. Arnts reportedly stated that the pill became less effective with time and that Richard’s ability to speak decreased each time he took it.

Pennsylvania Health Department Issues Preferred COVID Orgy Regulations

The large gatherings “where you might end up having sex” are also commonly referred to as orgies…


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Man Finds Wife Cheating Before Taking Life Of Entire Family And Himself

A family of four was found dead in their home in Mayfield, Kentucky, hours after a suspicious Facebook post was uploaded from Kyle Miliken’s account.

19 Wives Share The Moment They Realized Their Husband Was ‘The One'

There are people in this world who’ve given up on true love, always seeking temporary satisfaction.

Your Ancient Smartphone Will Stop Working on Sprint Networks January 1st, 2022

T-Mobile and Sprint merged to become one company in April of 2020, but Sprint’s legacy network still exists to support old devices.

Neighbor Installed Strobe Light To Prevent Epileptic Kids From Using School Bus Stop

For most people with epilepsy, exposure to bright lights at specific intensities can trigger seizures.

Homeless Man Hailed A Hero After Rescuing Dozens Of Cats And Dogs From A Burning Animal Shelter

53-year-old Keith Walker said he noticed the smoke coming out of the building and acted immediately.
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