Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Two characters Marvel fans want to see in Shang-Chi

While there are a handful of great characters from Netflix's Iron Fist series, fans eagerly await the chance to see Danny Rand (Finn Jones) and Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) again.

The bizarre Batman game you probably don't remember

The Revenge of Shinobi's main protagonist is Joe Musashi, who does battle with several bosses based on pop culture icons.

This is why Ms. Pac-Man almost never happened

Back in the late '70s, a group of MIT students started dabbling in the arcade business as a side project.

This is why the Ouya was a huge flop

In 2012, Ouya's Kickstarter campaign ended with $8.5 million raised — 600% over the original goal.

Why you wouldn't survive life in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077's world is an absolute nightmare for those with photosensitive epilepsy: Just walking into a bar in Cyberpunk 2077 could potentially cause seizures.

The truth about Diane Kruger's choking scene

Some might even say the scene is all the more unforgettable for its visceral authenticity. 

The weirdest locations you can visit in Cyberpunk 2077

The gig "Freedom of the Press" involves some pretty weird stuff. In this gig, players are doing a favor for Regina Jones.

Why does Wonder Woman hate guns?

Guns don't have much in common with Amazonian weaponry, in general.

Steve Trevor Easter egg you missed in WW84

In the film, Steve inhabits the body of another man, played by Kristoffer Polaha. 

Link's cabana in The Wind Waker isn't what you think

At first glance, the Private Oasis looks like a tropical resort that's fit for a legendary hero, but the first weird thing about the island is its servant.

The meaningful cameos you missed in Wonder Woman 1984

While people are mostly focused on the big cameo in the film's post-credits scene, for understandable reasons, there's another cameo in one of the film's last few scenes that they are probably missing.

Wonder Woman 1984 slipped in a DC Comics reference

While Wonder Woman never tangled with Koslov in the comics, the leader of Lubania's secret police infamously put Batman and Superman through their paces over the course of two issues of World's Finest in 1970.

The bizarre story behind Wario's true nemesis

When it's Wario's turn to be the protagonist, who serves as his antagonist?

Who is Simon Stagg in the DC Comics?

The character is definitely a lesser known one, with no direct ties to Wonder Woman or any of her allies.

Why the Sega Saturn reveal was a big E3 fail

Referred to as "the most damaging console launch in the history of gaming" by Forbes' Matt Gardner, the Sega Saturn's tale begins on a sour note.

The Mario sports mashup you may have forgotten about

As such, the developer sought permission to have Mushroom Kingdom's finest star in the project, and thus Mario Hoops 3-on-3 was born.


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For most people with epilepsy, exposure to bright lights at specific intensities can trigger seizures.

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53-year-old Keith Walker said he noticed the smoke coming out of the building and acted immediately.

The Mandalorian's subtle Jon Favreau touch

In most of Szostak's other art books, you can see how Lucasfilm's artists iterate on ideas over time, producing multiple concepts before they get close to the designs that eventually appear on screen.

Girl Landed Herself A Job Interview At Aldi After She ‘Rejected The Rejection’ In A Daring Email

Jessica Irving has proved that having a NO for an answer can take land you opportunities, including a Job. 

This video game has the longest cutscene of all time

While Metal Gear Solid 4 may have held the record for the longest individual cutscene, Star Ocean: The Last Hope has one that's nearly twice as long.
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