Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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The Reason Dutch From The Karate Kid Isn’t In Cobra Kai

Well, according to Cobra Kai's showrunners, McQueen simply couldn't take time out of his schedule to shoot a guest spot

The Breaking Bad Heist That Changed Jesse Forever

Instead of talking to the kid to find out what he saw, Todd immediately pulls out a gun and kills the kid, much to Jesse's horror.

The Breaking Bad Heist That Changed Jesse Forever – Copy

Instead of talking to the kid to find out what he saw, Todd immediately pulls out a gun and kills the kid, much to Jesse's horror.

What Daniel Radcliffe Ate During These Potter Scenes

(Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, Radcliffe filmed his segment remotely, eating his wings over video chat.)

The Harry Potter Characters That Terrify Tom Felton

"In Harry Potter the greedy, hook-nosed monsters are bankers.

The Anya Taylor-Joy Stunt That Didn’t Need SFX In Emma

Taylor-Joy said that nosebleeds were a recurring problem for her throughout her youth, so she appreciated the impact the moment would have even while reading the script

What Surprised Josh Holloway About His Yellowstone Role

The role allowed Holloway to go full cowboy — minus the horse — as he stalked the halls of Greendale with his paintball guns and cowboy hat.

The MCU Actor Who Might Play Mercer On The Walking Dead

For those unfamiliar, Mercer arrived in the Walking Dead comics via issue 177 as the leader of the Commonwealth military.

The Scarface Connection You Missed In Breaking Bad

Don Eladio himself represents an equally eye-popping connection between Scarface and Breaking Bad.

The Criminal Minds Episodes That Break Fans’ Hearts

We'll get to those in a minute. First, we have an episode with an unsub that fans actually find sympathetic.

Katherine Heigl On A Potential Return To Grey’s Anatomy

When asked if she would ever return to Seattle to practice medicine once again, Heigl didn't rule it out on E!'s Daily Pop, saying, "I don't know, but I would never say never."

Why We Might Never See Zack Snyder Direct An MCU Movie

In January of 2021, Zack Snyder sat down with the ComicBook Debate YouTube channel to largely promote his upcoming Justice League movie.

The State Fans Think Criminal Minds Gives A Bad Rap

The answers as to why there may have been an anti-Sunshine State slant on the series were pretty telling.

Casey Affleck On What It Was Like Making Ocean’s Eleven

In the film, Affleck plays Virgil Malloy, the smart-alecky, somewhat pugnacious brother of Turk Malloy, played by Scott Caan.

The Key To Gus Fring’s Immense Success On Breaking Bad

"I would assume that Gus essentially destroyed the whole cartel due to assassinating Eladio and other high ranking members (including Juan Bolsa  [Javier Grajedja])," they wrote.

This Yellowstone Character’s Disappearance Is A Mystery

They got close on Jamie's attorney general campaign, for which Christina was his campaign manager.


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