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This new book explores the difficulty of aligning AI with our values

In The Alignment Problem, Christian also discusses the implications of developing AI agents that learn through pure imitation of human actions.

Amnesty International calls for ban on facial recognition

The NGO has shared a stream of examples of how the software amplifies racist policing and threatens the right to protest — and called for a global ban on the tech.

Google unveils privacy-friendly AI cookie killer

Third-party cookies might have a tasty name, but they can be pretty poisonous when they’re quietly tracking your online behavior.

After years of testing, Netflix confirms it’s launching a shuffle play feature this year

If you’re struggling to find something worth watching from Netflix’s vast catalog and you don’t trust the recommendations of your friends, the streaming service has some good news for you.

Trump pardoned the guy who founded the Church Of AI

With all the hullabaloo surrounding Joe Biden’s inauguration, Trump’s last-minute pardons slipped under the RADAR a bit.

AI resurrects legendary Spanish singer to hawk beer

The legendary Spanish singer Lola Flores died in 1995, but a brewery is using AI to bring her back to life.

New ‘robomorphic’ computing method aims to speed up slow-witted robots

MIT researchers have developed a new way of speeding up a robot’s reactions. They call it “robomorphic computing.”

Google union slams company’s treatment of AI ethics researchers

The Alphabet Workers Union (AWU)  has slammed the company’s treatment of two prominent AI researchers as “an attack on the people who are trying to make Google’s technology more ethical.”

Facebook’s AI for describing photos in your feed is way smarter now

Facebook’s earlier model would’ve described the photo below as “maybe a picture of 5 people.”

US regulator approves first-ever fully autonomous commercial drone flights

The Federal Aviation Administration has approved the first-ever fully-automated commercial drone flights.

UK government to put ‘trust in teachers not algorithms’ on exam results after last year’s debacle

“This year we’re going to put our trust in teachers rather than algorithms,” said Education Secretary Gavin Williamson.

Trump admin launches National AI Initiative Office

The White House today announced the launch of its National AI Initiative Office, marking what should be President Trump‘s final manipulation of the country’s gutted Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP).

Scientists figured out how to turn black holes into power sources

This negative energy would, theoretically, sort of switch places with some escaping positive energy, thus freeing it from the black hole’s hungry grasp and making it available for use as a power source.

Swarms of robot fish could soon monitor our oceans for environmental hazards

Harvard scientists have created a swarm of swimming robots that could pave the way for new methods of environmental monitoring and searching coral reefs.

Watch: This AI is playing an infinite bass solo on YouTube

If Frank Zappa’s endless guitar solos somehow leave your earbuds craving more, music-hackers Dadabots are here to satisfy your auditory desires.

Algorithms behaving badly: 2020 edition

The perils of leaving important decisions to computer algorithms are pretty easily imagined (see, e.g., “Minority Report,” “I, Robot,” “War Games”)


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