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The Most Heartbreaking Moments In Pixar Films

There are parts of life that don't get a happy ending. In Toy Story 2, there's one powerful, understated scene proving that

The Forgotten Charlie Hunnam Adventure Movie On Prime

The Lost City of Z follows Fawcett and his crew on early ventures into Brazil and the Amazon as they encounter native populations and natural predators.

Why Minho From Maze Runner Looks So Familiar

Though the series drew some criticism over the arguably stereotypical way it utilized Dong, few would argue that Ki Hong Lee's performance was not warm and nuanced (via NPR).

A Movie About The GameStop Stocks Is Already Happening

Wall Street may still be feeling the heat right now, but that isn't stopping Netflix from moving full-speed ahead on a GameStop project, according to an exclusive report from Deadline.

The Forgotten Ryan Gosling Comedy On HBO Max

One day, Lars says he's bringing a girl over to dinner, and his family is shocked to learn it's a plastic, life-size doll.

Rules James Bond Has To Follow In Every Movie

The traditional military garb is impractical for a man aiming to infiltrate empires with his charisma.

Why Brett From Pulp Fiction Looks So Familiar

It may sound like the basic premise to a rom-com, but the film is about as far from a rom-com as it gets.

The Supernatural Horror Gem You Can Stream On Hulu

When Lights Out was released, it received strong reviews from critics, many of whom praised the effectiveness of the movie's scares.

The Rogue One Connection You Missed In The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian's season 1 finale, entitled "Chapter 8: Redemption," saw Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) and his ragtag band of heroes fighting off hordes of imperial soldiers.

Daisy Ridley Weighs In On Rey’s Episode IX Ending

Asked about her feelings regarding the sequel trilogy's finale, Ridley had some thoughtfully optimistic views on her character.

Dustin Diamond’s Final Role That You Never Heard About

True to theater mom form, she upholds her promise, reappearing just in time to perform a duet with her estranged spawn nine years later at a talent show.

What Happened In Endgame During WandaVision Blip Scene

Hawkeye hears the hum of his phone, Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) gazes out the window, and Monica Rambeau returns to existence.

The Escape Room Thriller That’s Heating Up On Hulu

No Escape, also known as Follow Me, tells the story of a mega-popular social media star named Cole (played by Keegan Allen of Pretty Little Liars fame).

The Underrated Thriller You Can Watch On Amazon Video

Originally slated to release during South by Southwest, The Silencing's in-person premiere was scrapped when the festival was canceled back in March 2020.

Bad Times At The El Royale Ending Explained

But in Bad Times at the El Royale, nothing is that simple, and each character has to personally decide for themselves how far they are willing to go to get what they want.

The Reason Dutch From The Karate Kid Isn’t In Cobra Kai

Well, according to Cobra Kai's showrunners, McQueen simply couldn't take time out of his schedule to shoot a guest spot


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Sonic Prime Netflix Release Date, Cast And Plot

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Movies That Overpromised And Underdelivered

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