Sunday, May 9, 2021
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Illustrator Reveals How This Film’s Makers Plagiarized His Idea Without Consent

It is never pleasant to find out that a great movie was actually plagiarized from someone’s original idea

30 Hilarious Dark Comics By Tony Esp With Unexpected Twists

If there is one good thing about surviving the pandemic thus far as your life remains uneventful, that would be the ability to laugh at dark jokes.

30 Hilarious Comics About Daily Life With Sudden Twist

We love funny jokes that hit right when we least expect them and make us laugh out loud.

Artist’s 30 Hilarious Silent Comics With Witty Twists

Most people draw comics in English dialogue to appeal to as many people as possible. They want their jokes to be understood by people.

Artist Creates 30 Hilarious Comics With Witty Endings

The most fitting comics during this about this ridiculous time would be ridiculous comics. That’s what Cameron Spires from Canada makes.

Artist Draws Uncool Sides Of Superheroes In 30 Hilarious Comics

I mean, they’ve got to have their own lives, too, right? At least most of them are humans who deserve the right to personal time off.

Artist’s 30 Hilarious Comics That Will Go The Unexpected Ways

People who’ve read many comics and watched stories tend to feel how stories would flow.

42 Hilarious ‘Things In Squares’ Comics With Absurd Endings

Sometimes they throw shades at ridiculous social norms, discrimination, and humanity in general.

Artist’s 30 New Hilarious Comics A Sudden Dark Ending

If you believe the best kind of comedy is the one you never see coming, then Tony Esp is the right Artist for you.

40 Hilarious Comics By Ricky Hawkins With Unexpected Dark Endings

Ricky Hawkins make comics based on these prevalent tropes and scenes you see in shows and movies.

Artist’s 30 New Hilarious Comics That Draw All The Struggles Of Girls

Most of you who know this name may have also subscribed to her on Tapas.

Artist’s 30 Clever Illustrations About Modern Society

His artworks do not have dialogues, making them enjoyable to anyone from anywhere. As long as it’s a social issue or theme that people are used to.

Artist’s 30 Hilarious Relationship Comics With Funny Twists

What is being in love like? At the risk of sounding way too cheesy, love makes people do things they never thought they’d ever do.

30 Hilarious Comics About Fruits & Veggies With A Dark Humor

That is what people think until NY Cartoonist puts them on the stage as the main characters.

Artist’s 30 Hilariously Candid Illustrations That Speak Louder Than Words

They say you can tell a thousand-word story with only one picture. That’s the concept Yuval Robichek believes in when he draws.

Artist Visualizes A Little Mermaid Living In The 21st Century, And It’s Sad

Only wooden ships would cross and very rarely, massive floating wood carrying hundreds of people


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