Monday, April 12, 2021
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Man Wants To Ban His Girlfriend From Using Tampons

Stories hinged on Boyfriends buying their girlfriends tampons have left social media users in positive reactions countless times.

A Nurse For 50 Years, Who Refused To Retire Because Of Pandemic Dies From COVID-19

Betty Grier Gallagher dedicated her life to helping those in need, having been a nurse at the Coosa Valley Medical Center in Alabama for nearly 50 years.

900,000 Excess Deaths Expected Over Next 15 Years From Rise In Unemployment Due To Lockdowns

As of January 2021, over 24 million people have been infected and more than 400,000 have died as a result of Covid-19 in the United States alone.

Mom Left In Tears As She Couldn’t Afford Son’s $1K Insulin Despite Working Full-Time

. Many people have cried because they don’t have enough, including being unable to achieve the required three meals per day.

‘Things are worse than people think’ medical expert says as LA county is running out of oxygen for patients after covid hospitalizations hit record...

Last Monday, the Emergency Medical Services Agency of LA County directed medics not to bring in people with close to no chance of survival inside the hospitals

Chaos Erupts As Anti-Maskers Storm LA Mall

He says he was shocked by the behavior of the 30-strong group and added he’s had problems with anti-maskers in the past.

Doctors in Covid-19 hotspots say they will face ‘horrendous choices over those who live and die’ within DAYS

According to the Health Service Journal, there have been requests to transfer intensive care unit patients from the capital to a few big hospitals in the city of Yorkshire.

Daughter Slams ‘Disgusting’ Christmas Meal Her Mom Was Served At Nursing Home

People go the extra length and have even exhausted the recipes in all of the cookbooks to impress their loved ones and families.

Demi Lovato Shared Pics Of Her Stretch Marks Covered In Glitter With Empowering Message

Demi Lovato has been very candid about her eating disorder.

Crying California ICU nurse begs people to stop being careless and stay home during the holidays

It is said that the present increase in coronavirus cases is mostly due to holiday travel and celebrations.

Man who couldn’t talk and move for 8 years ‘wakes up’ 20 minutes after docs gave him sleeping drug

Dr. Arnts reportedly stated that the pill became less effective with time and that Richard’s ability to speak decreased each time he took it.

Pennsylvania Health Department Issues Preferred COVID Orgy Regulations

The large gatherings “where you might end up having sex” are also commonly referred to as orgies…

How to be naturally pretty: 7 surefire ways to look(and feel) more attractive

Do you want to look more beautiful and feel good in your own skin? Well, this is not as hard to achieve as you may think. In fact, feeling and looking prettier depends on several small but significant steps that are capable of entirely changing your life.

Having a big sister raises your chances for success, study says

According to Jakiela, there aren’t a lot of economic or educational, or health studies that have looked into what effect young big sister carers have on the little ones they’re looking after.


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They searched all across the web but were unable to find a source for this “alternative treatment.

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The statement from Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann, chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities read:
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