Friday, June 18, 2021
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Zoom’s New Face Filters Will Lighten Up Your Next Video Call

Zoom wasn’t a household name just one year ago, but thanks to the global pandemic, that changed.

Have You Seen a FBI Surveillance Van Parked in Your Street?

What do FBI surveillance vans look like? Such a vehicle may look like a flower delivery van, or a utility truck, or a black van that appears to be a stuffed bear delivery company.

The Problem With Movies and How to Solve Them

Modern movies are falling into a set of weird choices, and odd habits that can make watching movies into a sort of nightmare.

The 10 Best Action Movies on Netflix

From blockbusters to low-budget productions, from Hollywood movies to foreign films, Netflix has something for every kind of action junkie.

Everything Coming to Netflix the Week of Feb. 8, 2021

Need something to watch during Valentine’s Day weekend? Netflix has you covered.

Target and Amazon Have B2G1 on Games, Books, Movies, and Toys Today

Feeling bored? Don’t fret. Both Target and Amazon are running “buy two get one free” promotions on movies, video games, books, music, and board games.

Gotta LEGO Fast! Sonic the Hedgehog Gets His Own LEGO Set

Last year we begged LEGO to make this Sonic-based set a reality through the Ideas fan submission system.

The Board Games are Perfect for ‘Among Us’ Fans

Likewise, board games have also seen an uptick in popularity thanks to the pandemic and stay-at-home orders.

80s Classic Cartoon ‘The Real Ghostbusters’ Lands on YouTube (Legally)

Despite largely starting as a destination for pirated videos in the days before it was acquired by Google, major media companies have been hesitant to use the platform as a distribution point for their properties.

Here’s When You Can Catch February’s Snow Moon

There’s another astronomical event coming up this month! If you missed January’s Wolf Moon, you can make up for it on Feb. 27, and catch the full Snow Moon.

The 10 Best Comedy Movies on Amazon Prime Video

If you’re looking for something to watch, Prime Video has a little bit of all of that.

It’s Time to Trash Your Wink Hub and Move On

We used to highly recommended the Wink hub as one of the best smart home hubs you could buy.

The Robin Red Breast (Erithacus Rubecula)

Robins (Erithacus rubecula) is a resident bird of the UK and can be found all year round.

Everything Coming to Netflix the Week of Jan. 31, 2021

Are the plethora of films and shows coming to streaming just for you? Well, no, but you can pretend they are! And there’s a lot on that list.

Stadia Game Studio is Dead, Stadia Game Streaming Lives On (For Now)

Stadia, the Google project that streams games to your home without a console, took a significant blow today.

The 10 Best Comedy Movies on Netflix

From raunchy to witty, from clever to silly, comedy movies on Netflix offer something for every taste.


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