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15% Of People Consider This To Be The Most Annoying Mario Character

Poor Toad. Looks like most Mario fans who were at the bottom of the pecking order likely got stuck with Mushroom Kingdom's squeakiest citizen.

Jack Black Lands An Awesome Role In The Borderlands Movie

Basically, imagine R2-D2, except with hands and an utter lack of competence.

The Most Expensive Pokemon Cards Ever Sold

In a 2020 Pokemon poll, Charizard ranked fourth behind Greninja, Lucario, and Mimikyu.

Lady Dimitrescu Memes Resident Evil Fans Won’t Want To Miss

Many of the memes focus on love for Lady Dimitrescu, admiration for her stature, and an extreme desire to be stepped on by her.

Ghost Of Tsushima Ending Explained

Yuna is arguably the single strongest influence on Jin, and the person who is responsible for the creation of the Ghost.

Why People Think Watch Dogs Had One Of The Worst Game Endings Ever

In the story of Watch Dogs, the driving force behind much of the player's actions is the death of the main character's niece.

The Creepiest Things We Found In The Medium

The Medium wastes no time getting into dark matter, as Marianne comes to terms with the passing of her adoptive father, Jack.

Everything You Need To Know About League Of Legends’ Lunar Beast Event

The skin line for the Lunar Beast event features eight skins, including a prestige edition skin and an already-released Viego skin.

The Untold Truth Of Robert Altman

Robert Altman was in attendance, and this wasn't the first time Altman showed up to defend his industry.

The Rarest Sega Saturn Game Isn’t What You’d Expect

As a result of Time Warner Interactive's closure, a very limited run of copies were made for the game, and it has since become known as the rarest Sega Saturn title.

Breath Of The Wild Ending Explained

He returns multiple times throughout The Legend of Zelda timeline, only to be defeated by the princess of light and her chosen knight.

This Is The Best Cleric Build In Baldur’s Gate 3

As explained by WolfheartFPS, Wisdom and Constitution are the two key stats for the Cleric. As spellcasters, Clerics need a high Wisdom stat to power their spells.

The Sad Truth About Bleeding Edge

Though its development cycle wasn't quite in the public eye for as long as, say, Cyberpunk 2077, Bleeding Edge nevertheless was on plenty of players' radars prior to its release.

The Assassin’s Creed Game People Want Gone From The Franchise

According to SVG's survey, 21.36% of Assassin's Creed fans want Black Flag gone from Ubisoft's biggest IP.

30% Of People Agree This Multiplayer Game Has The Most Toxic Fans

With 31.72% of the vote, Fortnite ended up being the game that respondents pointed to the most in terms of having a toxic fanbase.

Will There Be An Assassin’s Creed 2?

While the sequel appears to be dead in the water, that doesn't mean Assassin's Creed fans are out of luck.


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With Diana finding out that she was pregnant near the end of the show's second season, the couple will be dealing with a lot when they return to the present day.

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Why Jack Horne From The Magnificent Seven Looks So Familiar

Vincent D'Onofrio got off to a slow start, spending years bouncing between small roles on low budget movies, and work in theatre.
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