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Artist's 30 Clever Illustrations About Modern Society

When it comes to his favorite theme to draw, it’s easy to say how they’re often weird, sarcastic, and uncomfortable for some people.

A Mom's 30 Hilarious Comics Depict What It’s Like To Be A Mom

Parenting is such a hard job to be good at. New mothers definitely find the new task absolutely daunting.

30 Hilarious ‘Game Logic' Comic With Dark Humor

One of the best entertainment to get during this lockdown is gaming and scrolling through Instagram.

14 Relatable Comics By The Thai Artist Who Spent Too Much Online

Bella Sriwantana is just another person who’s trying to get through the pandemic like everyone else.

30 Hilariously Clever Tweets By People Who Don't Want Kids

“Have kids,” they say. “It’ll be fun,” they say. Well, after almost a whole year of quarantine in 2021, we believe the number of people who tell how having kids will change your life will lessen for real.

Artists' 21 New Hilarious Comics With Dark Humor

Comic artists duo Elizabeth Pich & Jonathan Kunz are geniuses when making quirky comics with dark humor.

20 Pointlessly Gendered Stuff You Don't Want To Buy

Pink schoolbags are perfect for girls, and punk shirts are cool for boys.

Mom Left Embarrassed After Taking Her Daughter To The Doctor For Black Mark In Her Mouth

Being cautious is a good thing, and it’s highly required in the parenting phase.

20 Hilariously Extra Dad Things Ever Shared On The Internet

They can’t stop themselves from cracking dad jokes, no matter how much we explain how cringey they can be.

30 Times Scottish People Prove That Their Sense Of Humor Is Lit

If you have the chance, definitely give Scotland a chance on your bucket list for traveling.

Artist Imagines Superheroes' Daily Life In 30 Hilarious Comics

When we read comics and watch movies about superheroes, they are always busy dealing with the bad guys and putting the villains in jails.

16 Divorce Lawyers Shared The Wildest Divorce Stories They've Ever Dealt With

Separation is not a choice people had in mind when they decided to marry someone for life.

Students Left In Hysterics As Teacher Pulled A Loud Fart Prank During Zoom Class

We’ve all been in a gathering where you hold in a disturbing fart throughout.

20 Hilarious Parenting Posts From 2020

Parenting in the year 2020 is different from 1990.

20 Hilarious Yet Honest Tweets About Parenting

Parenting during the pandemic poses the kind of challenge most people alive have never seen before.

30 Hilarious Comics About Everyday Life Of A Crocodile

Yes, crocodiles have life, too. At least that’s what Keigo from Japan tries hard to convey to his followers on his Instagram account.


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Neighbor Installed Strobe Light To Prevent Epileptic Kids From Using School Bus Stop

For most people with epilepsy, exposure to bright lights at specific intensities can trigger seizures.

Homeless Man Hailed A Hero After Rescuing Dozens Of Cats And Dogs From A Burning Animal Shelter

53-year-old Keith Walker said he noticed the smoke coming out of the building and acted immediately.

The Mandalorian's subtle Jon Favreau touch

In most of Szostak's other art books, you can see how Lucasfilm's artists iterate on ideas over time, producing multiple concepts before they get close to the designs that eventually appear on screen.

Girl Landed Herself A Job Interview At Aldi After She ‘Rejected The Rejection’ In A Daring Email

Jessica Irving has proved that having a NO for an answer can take land you opportunities, including a Job. 

This video game has the longest cutscene of all time

While Metal Gear Solid 4 may have held the record for the longest individual cutscene, Star Ocean: The Last Hope has one that's nearly twice as long.
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