Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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Mom Left Embarrassed After Her Daughter, 6, Mistakenly Took Her Thong To School

Unluckily, a mom’s thong has accidentally been exposed after one of her thongs managed to get stuck on her daughter’s shoe.

25 Times People Could Feel The Universe Said ‘Screw You In Particular’

Sometimes they seem to be in our favor, granting us a smooth way towards our goal.

30 Funny Regrettable Things That Made People Consider Their Life Choices

People regret things all the time. That’s fine, you know, people make mistakes.

30 People Share Their Hilariously Brutal Rejection Stories

Life is full of rejections because people are not automatically required to accept us.

People Roast ‘Target’ Fashion Designers By Taking Photos Wearing Their Dresses And Its Hilarious

What has 2020 opened our eyes to? That the world can quickly change before you even realize it.

17 Millennials Things That Are Not Cool Anymore, According To Gen Z

The millennials who are not at least 25 years old have to face the fact that Gen Zs are old enough to make comments.

19 Waiters Share The Most Awkward Date Stories They’ve Ever Witnessed

As both parties tried to figure each other out, there would be some uncomfortable questions and answers.

Artist’s 25 Hilarious Comics About Life With His Cat

It’s so clear what kind of life cats go through. They choose the right human who will fulfill their every selfish desire.

Burglar Flirts With ‘Beautiful’ Judge During Virtual Court Hearing

A burglary suspect has gone viral for shamelessly flirting with a Judge who was presiding over his case.

Aspiring Influencers Use Hilarious Tricks To Fake Their Way To Online Fame

The documentary claims to be a true story that exposes the reality of Instagram’s famous individuals.

Two Men Hilariously Taunt Vegan Protesters By Eating KFC Zinger Box In Front Of Them

Two men have gone viral for taunting vegan protestors in Melbourne’s CBD with KFC Zinger Box.

20 Hilarious Stories Of Kids Overpowering Parents In Their Own Game

They have the biggest imagination in the world, big enough to overpower yours!

22 Hilarious Times People Found The Background Of A Picture More Interesting

Photobombing is like a gem in the rough. You never really know what you found until you snap those pictures.

20 Times Things Went Hilariously Wrong With Drunk People

People do weird things when they’re drunk. When you’re not in your right mind, your instinct kicks in.

28 Times People Hilariously Embarrass Themselves Online

Of course, social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow you to delete comments and posts when you feel like it.

30 Hilarious Comics With Unusual Endings By Ryan Pagelow

Comics by Buni are almost always super adorable to read.


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