Tuesday, May 4, 2021
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28 Hard-To-Swallow Truths That Nobody Wants To Hear About

Sweet lies are always easier to live by because you get to hear and believe in only things that you want to.

Incredible Pics Show Ice Blankets The Sahara Desert And Snow Falls In Saudi Arabia

Karim Bouchetata, a photographer, captured stunning photos of the small Algerian desert town of Ain Sefra, where sheep could be seen standing on ice-covered dunes. 

Nikki Bella Reveals There is Too Much Pressure To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

The societal pressure of bouncing back into an hourglass shape, having welcomed a child, undeniably affects many women.

20 Incredible Things People Found Accidentally

Just look at that intact, well-preserved Roman mosaic that was accidentally dugout in a vineyard.

30 Interesting Movie Details That You Probably Won’t Ever Be Noticed

Are you really a fan of something if you notice that you’ve only seen the Easter eggs mentioned here for the first time?

20 Interesting As Heck Pics That Will Make You Curious

The best place to be is home, where you have Wi-Fi, Netflix, and maybe your lovely pet.

30 People Who Really ‘Did The Math’ And Discovered Some Surprising Things

Most people don’t like maths – it’s a whole nightmare just to think about the hours you spent memorizing formulas, numbers swirling around in your head. But it’s fun when someone else helps you do the math.


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Outside of one TV appearance, Bartow's past performance history is comprised of entirely of roles in short films.

The Truth About Who Made The Most Money From Storage Wars

Now if you're thinking, "Hey, wait a minute; this was supposed to be about the richest cast member," we haven't forgotten about that.

30 Taliban Fighters Killed in Explosion During Bomb-Making Class

Afghan news agency Khaama Press reported that the militants were learning how to make bombs and IEDs when the blast happened.

The Ending Of Into The Dark: Tentacles Explained

Tentacles literalizes the fear of falling in love with someone who turns out to not be the person you thought they were, and losing your own sense of self in the process.
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