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Ben Schwartz Dishes On His Comic Book History

Flora & Ulysses centers around comic mythology almost as much as it does its title characters, Flora and her pet squirrel Ulysses.

This Was The Inspiration Behind S.W.O.R.D.’s Look In WandaVision

Logistics Division) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — and thus, Worthington says, the design of S.W.O.R.D. in WandaVision had to have a look distinct from its fellow agency.

Alan Tudyk Teases More Reunions With The Firefly Cast

"Yes," says Tudyk. "I can't disclose, but yes." The only definitive answer he can offer: "Not Ron."

Land’s Demian Bichir Dishes On What Robin Wright Is Really Like As A Director

Although the landscape in which it's set is expansive, Land is at its core a very intimate, very character-driven film, focusing in on the relationship between Wright's Edee and Bichir's Miguel.

WandaVision Director Matt Shakman Talks Classic TV, Working In The MCU, And More

[Laughs] That's great. I'm glad, I've seen people honor It's Always Sunny in more permanent ways.

Debra Jo Rupp Discusses WandaVision, That ’70s Show, And Almost Passing On The MCU

When I was offered the job, I kind of went, "Well, I don't know. I don't know."

Series Creator Jac Shaeffer On What Connects WandaVision To Frozen

They're friends from college. So, Matt brought them on to this," Schaeffer shares with Looper.

WandaVision Actor Reveals Why Wanda And Vision’s Relationship Really Works On Screen

"I think the show's great in that they're able to explore those characters more fully and those characters together in a way that the films hadn't allowed for," Caulfield says.

Walker’s Molly Hagan Dishes On What It’s Like Working For The CW

"Well, God. I mean, I think the thing about the CW that's so cool is their shows are unique. iZombie is nothing like Jane.

Brad William Henke On The Stand And More

Michael Dinner, who was the main director, was also the main director on Justified, so that's how that came about.

Debra Jo Rupp Says Working With This Is Us Star Sterling K. Brown Was ‘Amazing’

Rupp says one of the highlights of her dramatic turn in This is Us was the opportunity to absorb so much of Sterling K. Brown's dramatic talents.

The Real Reason Lavagirl’s Taylor Dooley Took A Break From Hollywood

"Well, before I got called to make We Can Be Heroes, I'd get stopped in the grocery store.

Rowan Blanchard On Her Snowpiercer Role

Dark and gritty, Snowpiercer is about as far opposite of the Disney Channel as an actor can get — and not that easy of a transition to make in Hollywood.

Robert Rodriguez Talks We Can Be Heroes

It wasn't intentional to come back to them in particular, because it was a new film.

Inside WandaVision Cast’s Unique Training

"Obviously, we were trying to match the style and the way it was shot, the way it looked, the feeling, lenses, lighting, and all that.


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