Monday, April 19, 2021
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Rowan Blanchard On Her Snowpiercer Role

Dark and gritty, Snowpiercer is about as far opposite of the Disney Channel as an actor can get — and not that easy of a transition to make in Hollywood.

Robert Rodriguez Talks We Can Be Heroes

It wasn't intentional to come back to them in particular, because it was a new film.

Inside WandaVision Cast’s Unique Training

"Obviously, we were trying to match the style and the way it was shot, the way it looked, the feeling, lenses, lighting, and all that.

Emma Caulfield On WandaVision Fan Theories

Among those theories is that Dottie's identity could connect to the MCU Squadron Supreme, a newer theory that Caulfield learned about from Looper.

Matt Lanter/Cindy Jansen On Chasing The Rain: Exclusive

Matt Lanter: Oh, god. Well, I guess, from an actor's... You know, I'm actually more interested in hearing your answer, Cindy.

Villains Javicia Leslie Wants On Batwoman

Will these characters ever appear in Ryan Wilder's Gotham? We'll have to keep watching to find out. Batwoman airs Sundays on The CW.

New Walker Episode Reveals Padalecki’s Skill

Get ready, because Hagan's response doesn't disappoint: "Oh, you'll definitely get [one] from Jared. In fact, in [episode] two. Jared can ride."

How Debra Jo Rupp Landed Her WandaVision Gig

Oh, I remember that rug.' Those things are fascinating to me, especially when they're well-done.

Damson Idris Talks Outside The Wire

This is about two years ago, I had just finished doing, I think, season two or season three of my TV show

Michael Hirst, Creator Of Vikings

Well, yeah. I was asked to just create a Viking drama, so obviously I needed a lead character. I went in search of one.

Lou Diamond Phillips Talks Prodigal Son

It was a Stephen King rip-off because I was a massive King fan in high school.

Damson Idris On Black Mirror And Sci-Fi

"[Black Mirror is] where I caught the bug for sci-fi and why I was so excited to be involved with Outside the Wire," Idris explains.

How Frank Grillo Prepped For No Man’s Land

In addition to highlighting familial bonds, No Man's Land does an outstanding job of examining how prejudice and ignorance of other cultures can lead to tragedy.

Debra Jo Rupp Almost Said No To WandaVision

Kicking off Phase Four of the MCU, WandaVision is set after the events of Avengers: Endgame.

Xolo Maridueña Talks Cobra Kai Season 3

I think if you want your kid to be part of Kreese's Cobra Kai, you shouldn't be a parent. I think Eagle Fang really does, at least for me personally, come from the best place.


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