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The Final Girl That Horror Fans Think Is The Best

Jamie Lee Curtis was only 19 when she landed the role of Laurie Strode in Halloween, which John Carpenter

Why John Wick’s Wife Helen Looks So Familiar

(These include Battle: Los Angeles, Midnight Sun, Crown Vic, and two of the three John Wick movies that have been released thus far.)

This Starship Troopers Scene Means More Than You Think

The scene takes place in a communal shower where all of the recruits, both male and female, are present — and, of course, are buck naked.

The Most Terrible Things That Boba Fett Has Ever Done

The world of Star Wars is vast enough that critical events can happen off-screen without viewers even knowing about it.

Shocking security footage shows a man carrying his Tinder date’s body in a suitcase

On the second part of her journey, she decided to visit New Zealand, where she spent two weeks.
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