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Woman Creates Gender-Neutral Playing Cards To Replace King, Queen, And Jack

The fight for inequality lingers, and in particular, women have been at the forefront of social change across the globe.

24 Times People Witness Something Very Strange They Had To Take Pics

There is no better way to convince someone that you saw something so incredible. Simply using words to describe them is not enough.

Artist’s 30 Hilarious Comics That Will Go The Unexpected Ways

People who’ve read many comics and watched stories tend to feel how stories would flow.

30 Hilariously Rare Insults By People Who Deserve Awards For Their Wit

It takes a lot of creativity to craft unique insults to people. And we’re not talking about simple, mundane, and boring insults.

Cosplayer Jessica Nigri Nailed Inosuke Genderbend Cosplay

Jessica Nigri is a popular cosplayer with over 4.1m followers on her Instagram.

17 Times People Found Hilarious Ways To Hack Life

They may look ridiculous, but these life hacks are great ways to have a little bit of fun when you’re bored.

23 Living Spaces Before & After Their Incredible Redecorations

Motivations might not strike if you had grown up in an unorganized interior setting, but undeniably these incredible makeovers perfectly reflect a taste of a new generation.

30 Hilarious Cosplays That Are Absolutely Spot-On

The practice of cosplaying has its roots traced to the 15th century, where people dressed up as historical figures, famous characters, and objects.

23 Hilariously Bad Celebrity Portraits By Tw1tter Picasso

It’s quite captivating and even more hilarious, with celebrities being the inspiration for awful portraits.

Artist’s 30 Clever Illustrations About Modern Society

His artworks do not have dialogues, making them enjoyable to anyone from anywhere. As long as it’s a social issue or theme that people are used to.

25 People Who Had One Job But Still Failed Hilariously

Even the most perfect, seemingly foolproof planning can go awry with just one single error.

People Are Losing Mind Over This Woman’s Clever Sandwich-Wrapping Hack

TikTok is where you can find anything from song covers, dances to cooking recipes and hacks.

20 Stunning ‘Moving Tattoos’ That Will Make You Want To Get One Yourself

This isn’t Harry Potter, nor are the tattoos possessed. These ‘moving tattoo’ designs refer to how the picture seems to ‘move’ according to how you move your body.

25 Incredibly Creative Inventions That Everyone Wants To Have

Kickstarter and Indiegogo are sites that make crowdfunding possible for amazing ideas to make it out there.

30 Hilariously Worst Interior Designs That Are Borderline Lethal

As far as we know, nobody has been killed by these… questionable designs. It is either the designers who hated the people who hired or will live there, or they really don’t care anymore.

30 Hilarious Comics About Fruits & Veggies With A Dark Humor

That is what people think until NY Cartoonist puts them on the stage as the main characters.


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Woman Lists 18 Factual Reasons Why ‘Our World Was Not Built For Women’

“Is it because I’m a girl?” asked a girl when her mom did not allow her to play out with the boys.

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Tuft, an ex-FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion, explained that she had kept this side of her in the shadows as she was afraid of what the world would think.

Genevieve Padalecki’s Surprising Reaction To Being Cast In The CW’s Walker

"It's one of those weird things that, not only do we live together and parent together, but I always say my favorite relationship with him is working together.

VW’s ID.6 images leaked months ahead of official reveal — and they look… fine

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Why Sparky Is So Significant In WandaVision

Sparky is the name of a synthezoid dog created by Vision in the Marvel comics.
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