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Artist Perfectly Illustrates Toxic Relationships In Her ‘Somebody I Used To Know’ Comics

People show their love differently from each other. It’s so unfortunate that some hurt their partners in the name of ‘love.’

Artist Draws Honest Comics About A Man Who Breaks People With Words

You can stab people with your mouth as sharp words turn into blades.

Artist’s 25 Hilarious Comics About Life With His Cat

It’s so clear what kind of life cats go through. They choose the right human who will fulfill their every selfish desire.

Things Only Adults Notice In Batman Returns

Looking at Batman Returns as an adult, it's now easy to see that this wasn't exactly a superhero movie for kids.

The Untold Truth Of Peanuts

Peanuts gets much darker than most of the all-happy-all-the-time world of kid's entertainment.

30 Hilarious Comics With Unusual Endings By Ryan Pagelow

Comics by Buni are almost always super adorable to read.

Riverdale Characters Who Mean More Than You Realize

A handful of characters on Riverdale carry a degree of symbolic relevance through their respective actors.

Illustrator Reveals How This Film’s Makers Plagiarized His Idea Without Consent

It is never pleasant to find out that a great movie was actually plagiarized from someone’s original idea

30 Hilarious Dark Comics By Tony Esp With Unexpected Twists

If there is one good thing about surviving the pandemic thus far as your life remains uneventful, that would be the ability to laugh at dark jokes.

Stories Black Panther Fans Most Want To See In The Wakanda Spinoff

The story of the lovers Aneka and Ayo was explored in detail in the World of Wakanda series, and it could easily be adapted for television.

The Untold Truth Of Mephisto

Mephisto's realm is not the same Hell that is portrayed in the Bible, and that is mostly because of the Comics Code Authority (CCA).

The Untold Truth Of Marvel’s Yelena Belova

Andrew Forson, the Scientist Supreme of AIM, recovered that stasis tube from Osborn and revived her.

Comics To Read If You Love WandaVision

2005's House of M storyline hinges upon the nigh-godlike nature of Wanda's powers, and, specifically, what might be her most dramatic use of them.

Who Is Thunderstrike In Marvel’s Thor Comics?

Over the long history of Marvel comics, two heroes have gone by the name of Thunderstrike.

30 Hilarious Comics About Daily Life With Sudden Twist

We love funny jokes that hit right when we least expect them and make us laugh out loud.

Artist’s 30 Hilarious Silent Comics With Witty Twists

Most people draw comics in English dialogue to appeal to as many people as possible. They want their jokes to be understood by people.


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