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Man Runs Off With GF’s Mom Just Days After She Gave Birth To His Baby

Jess Aldridge, 24, returned home from the hospital with her newborn, Reuben, only to realize that her BF had run off with her mother.

Why Don Cholodecki From Bridesmaids Looks So Familiar

Between Best in Show and popular shows like Glee and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, you've definitely seen Hitchcock somewhere before...

What Only The Walking Dead Comics Fans Know About Carol

The turning point for TV-Carol is when the survivors defend her from Ed. Since the comic book survivors never meet Ed, they never get to choose Carol over him.

The Truth About The BAU That Only Hardcore Criminal Minds Fans Know

Anyone who's seen their profession on TV has undoubtedly found it wildly misrepresented, and Criminal Minds is no exception.

Get A Look At Trickster’s Finale Episode

Considering Trickster has already aired in its entirety in Canada, plenty of reviews for the show have been posted online.
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