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The Zombies Flying On Sharks Movie You Need To See

It remains to be seen whether or not Sky Sharks will inspire the next generation of German filmmakers to chase their wildest movie dreams.

Emma Caulfield On WandaVision Fan Theories

Among those theories is that Dottie's identity could connect to the MCU Squadron Supreme, a newer theory that Caulfield learned about from Looper.

The Reid Relationship That Divides Criminal Minds Fans

When Cat Adams entered the Criminal Minds landscape in the Season Eleven episode "Entropy," she became one of the more unforgettable unsubs in the series' entire run.

Where You’ve Seen WandaVision’s Dr. Highland Before

A mysterious man delivers a vial of blood to her, and her husband soon begins acting strangely.

Pay Attention To Vision’s Look In WandaVision Episode 4

The West Coast Avengers, California's spinoff of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, had a rough go from the start.
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