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Woman Always Wakes Up Tired Finds Out Her Cat Hits Her For Hours In Her Sleep

It’s common knowledge that cats generally don’t care about you.

20 Times Cats Did Hilariously Strange Cat Things

Of course, some of you are dog people, but cats place a special place in our hearts with their behavior that can be very human at times.

20 Great Danes That Still Think They’re The Lap Puppies They Were

Big dogs mean they have so much love to give to their owner. Smaller dogs often make that up with all the noises they make to get your attention.

Couple Astounded To Find Six Lions Lounging Around On Their Patio

One best thing aside from relaxing indoors on a beautiful sunny day is to be surrounded by nature.

This Hawk is Confused As His ‘Duck’ Prey Doesn’t Seem Fazed By His Attacks

who would have known that wildlife can be very adorable and endearing, too? Like tricking our dog by fake throwing the frisbee or using a laser to make our cat chase the red dot for eternity.

This Maine Coon Looks Majestic Enough To Be King

A loner king, a majestic creature, a naturally feared appearance, one that awestruck those whose sight fell on them.

30 People Share Hilarious Pics To Show ‘Why You Should Have A Cat’

The majority tend to go for either cats or dogs. In Japan, cats are more popular and considered as good luck.

30 Hilariously Crappy Wildlife Photography That Really Deserve Their Own Awards

“My friend’s cat, Bailey, escaped. So, I set up a trail cam. He was hangin’ with da big boys in the backyard.”

Woman Sparks Outrage After She Shared A Clip Of How BF Played With Her Dog

Well, pets don’t have to spell the end of your relationship, but here a woman has been advised to dump her boyfriend because of his behavior towards her dog – aftermath of divided opinion.

20 Hilarious ‘Dog Thoughts’ Tweets That Every Dog Owner Will Understand

Matt Nelson is the man behind the Twitter page, who also runs We Rate Dogs. It’s grown so popular that you can also buy their recently released book and merchandise.


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