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The Worst Thing Dwight Ever Did To Angela On The Office

when Dwight hears Sprinkles' checklist, he decides to take matters into his own hands... and apparently, he euthanizes the cat himself.

Worst Pickup Lines In Movies

Here's a breakdown of the worst pickup lines in movies, intentionally bad or otherwise.

Marvel Movie Kisses Ranked Worst To Best

After so much tragedy, watching Tony Stark be a good dad is one of the greatest joys of Endgame.

We ranked the new iOS 14.4 features from worst to best

Friends, it’s that time again: there’s a new iPhone software update available. Specifically, it’s time for iOS 14.4 to rule our pathetic lives for a few months.

The 7 Best And 7 Worst Sci-Fi Movies Of 2020

Along with Possessor and Love and Monsters, the UFO movie The Vast of Night was one of only three 2020 sci-fi films to achieve a better than 90% score on the Tomatometer.

Every Transporter Movie Ranked Worst To Best

So far, the only one of these to materialize is The Transporter Refueled.

Uncharted Fans Just Got The Worst News About The Movie

The dark cloud of the COVID-19 pandemic still looms large, and the global situation isn't improving at a very fast rate.

The Mandalorian cameos ranked from worst to best

Regardless of your streaming service of choice, binge-able content brings us sweet relief from bad news.

The 7 best and 7 worst horror movies of 2020

Impetigore, a Indonesian horror film from writer-director Joko Anwar, follows Maya (Tara Basro), who has inherited a house in her ancestral village.

Tom Hanks' best and worst movies

From beloved classics to massive bombs, here are Tom Hanks' best and worst movies.

Why people think Halo 2 had one of the worst endings

Former Bungie composer Marty O'Donnell spoke with IGN in 2016 about the ending of Halo 2, which could explain why the game concluded on such a jarring and disappointing note.

14 Women Share Worst Backhanded Compliments They’ve Ever Received

Backhanded compliments, also referred to as insults or small misunderstandings, can be undeniably unpleasant and explicitly offending.

14 Women Share Worst Backhanded Compliments They’ve Ever Got

Backhanded compliments, also referred to as insults or small misunderstandings, can be undeniably unpleasant and explicitly offending.

Cheech and Chong movies ranked from worst to best

Released in 1982, Things Are Tough All Over seems to get lost in the shuffle among even diehard Cheech and Chong fans, perhaps owing to its release smack in between the mostly excellent Nice Dreams and the mostly awful Still Smokin'.

The Storage Wars season that fans think is the worst

The best episodes of Storage Wars always have some kind of enticing hook to them, such as season 1's "Chairman of the Hoard" when six lockers with the same previous owner all go up for sale at the same time.

30 Hilariously Worst Interior Designs That Are Borderline Lethal

As far as we know, nobody has been killed by these… questionable designs. It is either the designers who hated the people who hired or will live there, or they really don’t care anymore.
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Lady Gaga Offers $500,000 Reward For Safe Return Of Dogs After Dogwalker Shot

Ryan Fischer, Gaga’s dogwalker, was in front of his house with her three French bulldogs on Sierra Bonita Avenue in Los Angeles when he was attacked by thieves.

The Real Reason The Russos Wanted To Cast Tom Holland In Cherry

"What's clear to us is that there's a lot of compassion and empathy around him as an actor.

Things Only Adults Notice In Sister Act

After Deloris gets captured, her sisters at Saint Katherine's take it upon themselves to come to the rescue rather than count on the police to get there in time.

How Old Was Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson When He Filmed The Mummy Returns?

The Mummy Returns came out on May 4, 2001, when Johnson was two days over 29 — but we're looking for his age when the movie was shot, not when it was released.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 Release Date, Cast And Plot

The show's main characters could be in a very different place when season 12 is over.
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