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Mom, 37, Poses With Her Twin Daughters, 9, Who Dubbed The ‘Most Beautiful Girls In The World'

Leah Rose and Ava Marie are widely recognized as the Clements twins.

14-Year-Old Hunter Girl has set a world record after shooting a 42-point buck

The 14-year-old girl from Cimarron, Kansas was rifle hunting with her dad when she shot a buck with 42-scorable points.

Newly discovered Jupiter-like world could be the long-sought ‘Planet X'

While the search for Planet X continues in our own solar system, this study of HD 106906 b might give us a preview of an unseen world in our own solar system.

Sony AI launches its Gastronomy Flagship Project to make the world a bit tastier

ony AI recently announced its Gastronomy Flagship Project, an AI-powered initiative built on “enhancing the creativity and techniques of chefs around the world.”
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Netflix Is Taking Over Movie Night with a New Original Film Every Week of 2021

Even while it’s facing stiff competition from Disney+ and HBO Max, Netflix continues to release a huge amount of new content.

Why Mr. and Mrs. Hart from WandaVision look so familiar

Vision's boss, Mr. Hart, is definitely one of Hollywood's most recognizable faces, thanks to his long career on both the big and small screen.

Small details you missed in Wonder Woman 1984

On the surface, Pedro Pascal's Maxwell Lord is significantly different from the Lord of the comics.

Saved by the Bell cast on Dustin Diamond's diagnosis

On January 14, 2021, Diamond's team confirmed in a Facebook post that he had been diagnosed with cancer.

WandaVision's Rotten Tomatoes score is turning heads

. After the first two episodes, it has an 82% score among fans on the Rotten Tomatoes site.
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