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Model, 19, Who Dubbed The ‘Most Beautiful Face In The World’ Says She’s Trolled For Her Looks

TC Candler’s Annual ‘100 Most Beautiful Faces of the Year’ was held in 2020, and Yael Shelbia, an Israeli model and actor, emerged as a winner.

The Honor View 40 5G Says Hello World, Goodbye Huawei

Honor has unveiled the View 40 5G, the brand’s first phone since splitting from Huawei, its former parent company.

What you can only find at The Wizarding World in Japan

While The Wizarding World in Japan has a lot in common with its international counterparts, there are a couple things that set it apart.

This Map Lets You Hear How Forests Sound All Around the World

Each entry on the map displays the area’s name along with the city and country it’s in.

The world leader who influenced Leto

As a part of The Little Things' promotional tour, Looper had the chance to attend a virtual press junket with the cast and crew behind the film.

You Can Eat Mario’s Hat, Question Blocks, and More at Super Nintendo World

The park has multiple food destinations within it, offering all kinds of scrumptious Mario-themed concoctions.

The ending of News of the World explained

News of the World is, at its core, a story of two people who have both lost their family.

This game holds the world record for most swearing

As is often the criteria for determining relative levels of swear words, the unit of measurement for this record is solely instances of the F-word.

This game is connected to Super Mario 3D World

Embarking on his own adventure for the first time since Wario's Woods (which was his premier starring role),

4 Wholesome Stories About People Who Make Small Changes For The World

Ademar Vieira is a comic illustrator whose genre is heavier than most.

Mom, 37, Poses With Her Twin Daughters, 9, Who Dubbed The ‘Most Beautiful Girls In The World’

Leah Rose and Ava Marie are widely recognized as the Clements twins.

14-Year-Old Hunter Girl has set a world record after shooting a 42-point buck

The 14-year-old girl from Cimarron, Kansas was rifle hunting with her dad when she shot a buck with 42-scorable points.

Newly discovered Jupiter-like world could be the long-sought ‘Planet X’

While the search for Planet X continues in our own solar system, this study of HD 106906 b might give us a preview of an unseen world in our own solar system.

Sony AI launches its Gastronomy Flagship Project to make the world a bit tastier

ony AI recently announced its Gastronomy Flagship Project, an AI-powered initiative built on “enhancing the creativity and techniques of chefs around the world.”
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The Untold Truth Of Better Call Saul

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