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What’s the Least You Should Spend on a Smartphone?

When I tell people my job, I’m often asked, “what’s the least I should spend on a new phone?”

What’s the song at the end of King of Kings?

Plenty of people turned to the Vikings Reddit page to ask what the beautifully haunting song was that played over the scenes of Bjorn's final resting place.

What’s The Buzz About Stevia?

Having diabetes is always a tricky story. It's something that can get emotional at times. One might at times just not want to let go of sugar.

What’s your game?

Someone who plays Monopoly every week, and always uses the little silver hat as their playing piece and always buys Boardwalk if he can–he may think that this is his game.
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Robert Rodriguez Talks We Can Be Heroes

It wasn't intentional to come back to them in particular, because it was a new film.

12 Thirst-Quenching Cocktails for Every Month of the Year

Moscow mules are all the rage these days, and there are so many flavor twists and possibilities.

The Dark Implications Of WandaVision Episode 4

When Monica, as Geraldine, mentioned Ultron in episode 3, Wanda became furious and expelled her from her bubble.

30 Hilarious Comics About Daily Life With Sudden Twist

We love funny jokes that hit right when we least expect them and make us laugh out loud.

30 People Random Acts Of Kindness Prove There’s Always Hope For Humanity

When people are down, our innate nature as social creatures is as clear as daylight.
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