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Kevin Feige’s Star Wars movie has scored a writer

The hiring of Michael Waldron on Feige's Star Wars project is about as good as good news can be, too.

Could Alita outpower a Star Wars Jedi?

By the time Alita is restored by Dr. Dyson Ido (Christoph Waltz), most practitioners of Panzer Kunst (called Künstlers) are long gone.

Why Storage Wars’ Mary had Secret Service around

Mary Padian attended the University of Texas at Austin where she graduated with a bachelor's degree in photojournalism in 2003.

Here’s how much Storage Wars’ Mary Padian is worth

While it doesn't look like Storage Wars season 13 is going to happen (the last episode came out on January 30, 2019), Padian seems to be doing just fine on her own.

Iron Man’s Armor Wars storyline explained

Bruised and beaten, Stark was happy to let Iron Man stay dead and move on with his life.

The disturbing locker Storage Wars’ Darrell once found

The Gambler tells this disturbing story on the 2011 series special "Unlocked," as the cast gathers around a poker table to trade stories.

The dead Star Wars character 30% of fans want back

A talented Jedi himself, Yoda is very in tune with the Force, and a great teacher to Luke Skywalker.
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When people are down, our innate nature as social creatures is as clear as daylight.
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