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Beloved special ed teacher, 32, shot FIVE TIMES after confronting a teenager spraying graffiti in Las Vegas

Jose SantaCruz, 32, a special education teacher, who “moved mountains” for his students, was shot dead on January 7.

Why Bad Times At The El Royale Bombed At The Box Office

As noted previously, Bad Times at the El Royale fell just shy of making its $32 million production budget back — meaning that it didn't scratch the surface of turning a profit.

20 Times Cats Did Hilariously Strange Cat Things

Of course, some of you are dog people, but cats place a special place in our hearts with their behavior that can be very human at times.

24 Times People Witness Something Very Strange They Had To Take Pics

There is no better way to convince someone that you saw something so incredible. Simply using words to describe them is not enough.

24 Times People’s Online Orders Gone Hilariously Wrong

Buying clothes online is almost like gambling, especially when it comes to notorious sites or shady, unfamiliar ones.

24 Times Wedding Photographers Snapped Something Hilarious

Weddings are fun but can sometimes be messy and chaotic. Having a wedding, in reality, means you can end up with some pretty hilarious wedding photos. 

17 Times People Found Hilarious Ways To Hack Life

They may look ridiculous, but these life hacks are great ways to have a little bit of fun when you’re bored.

30 Hilarious Times People Encountered Entitled Jerks

Three words to drive people mad during this time of the pandemic. Life does not provide special treatments to anybody.

28 Times People Hit Another Level Of Cringe And Made It Into ‘Cringetopia’

We will have to apologize if you are walking out of this article with that itchiness under your skin that you can’t reach.

30 Times Scottish People Prove That Their Sense Of Humor Is Lit

If you have the chance, definitely give Scotland a chance on your bucket list for traveling.

30 Hilarious Times People Badly Missed The Joke

There are times when we fail to get jokes, and it happens.

Legendary ‘6666’ Texas Ranch Goes On Sale After The Demise Of Heiress Who Married 4 Times

Owning a mega ranch, one which has sprawling nature characteristics, is a dream for a lot.

Penis Ponderings: How Many Times Can a Man Ejaculate in 24 Hours?

Looking at the mechanics of ejaculation, how many times an average, adult male can ejaculate in one day.
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The Drug Mission That Didn’t Make It Into GTA 5

It starts off with the player ambushing a drug deal and killing everyone involved.

Will We Ever Get A Jason Bourne 6?

Although, surprisingly, he did say he'd be interested in seeing another sequel, telling the outlet that he'd be "first in line.

Things You Never Knew About Mass Effect 2’s Jack

As it turns out, Taylor and Jack have more in common than their voice. Taylor also had a rebellious streak.

Sonic Prime Netflix Release Date, Cast And Plot

Just don't expect a gritty reimagining of the hero, though, as the series is aimed at kids aged six to 11.

Movies That Overpromised And Underdelivered

. At the time, it was the most expensive film ever made.
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