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The Gritty Action Thriller That’s Exploding On Netflix

The claustrophobic settings and high stakes of Below Zero combine to make a thriller that's hard to look away from.

The Forgotten Russell Crowe Sci-Fi Thriller On Hulu

While the '90s delivered a handful of game-changing altered reality thrillers

The Underrated Dystopian Thriller To Watch On Netflix

When What Happened to Monday was released, reviews were pretty mixed.

The Gritty Henry Cavill Crime Thriller On Amazon Prime

There's no doubt that the cast of Night Hunter is the film's biggest draw, especially considering the movie itself got pretty terrible reviews.

The Jason Statham Crime Thriller Killing It On Netflix

When it comes to movies in the "Jason Statham punches and kicks people" genre, the opinions of movie critics aren't always the best barometer for success.

The Forgotten Angelina Jolie Spy Thriller On Amazon

Although in retrospect, Salt feels like the perfect vehicle for Jolie in the early 2010s, she wasn't originally meant to star in the movie.

The Forgotten Nicolas Cage Thriller Available On Amazon

Face/Off's plot and premise are outrageous on their own, but the acting and dialogue put it so far over the top that it's in the stratosphere.

The Creepy Psychological Thriller Taking Off On Netflix

Without her sight, Ellen has to rely on her hearing and touch to maneuver around the apartment.

The Forgotten Bruce Willis Sci-Fi Thriller On HBO Max

12 Monkeys is a dystopian science-fiction film from visionary director Terry Gilliam, and it's arguably his best.

The Thriller That’s Getting Another Chance On Netflix

The Vanished stars erstwhile Punisher Thomas Jane and Psycho recycler Anne Heche, reuniting after having worked together previously on Hung.

The Leonardo DiCaprio thriller that’s killing on Prime

While Teddy begins his investigation of the island in a seemingly stable place, the more time passes, the more he unravels.

How to Stream Liam Neeson’s Action Thriller Movies

Liam Neeson has a particular set of skills that he’s been showing off as the unlikely movie star of action thrillers since 2008’s Taken.

The sci-fi thriller series that’s killing it on Netflix

From the intricate design of the deadly games, to the stunning scenes set in an emptied-out Tokyo, Alice in Borderland has plenty for viewers to lay their eyes on.

The Octavia Spencer thriller killing it on HBO Max

Spencer has starred in many different kind of films over the years — from comedies like Dinner for Schmucks to serious dramas like Fruitvale Station.

The Liam Neeson action thriller killing it on Netflix

The 2011 action-thriller Unknown sees Liam Neeson as Dr. Martin Harris, a professor who ends up in a serious car accident that puts him in a four-day coma.

The underrated Jason Statham action thriller coming to Netflix next month

There's something that seems just a little bit off about the credits of the Jason Statham-starring action thriller Homefront — in a good way.
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