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The Forgotten Jensen Ackles Slasher Movie On HBO Max

Directed by frequent Wes Craven collaborator Patrick Lussier, My Bloody Valentine 3D hits all of the classic slasher movie beats.

The Zombies Flying On Sharks Movie You Need To See

It remains to be seen whether or not Sky Sharks will inspire the next generation of German filmmakers to chase their wildest movie dreams.

The Most Hilarious Factual Errors In Movie History

While promoting After Earth, Will Smith said, "At heart, I'm a physicist." Maybe, but only at heart, if the movie (which he was heavily involved in conceiving) is anything to go by.

This highly-rated $145 HD projector is perfect for Netflix movie nights

This Vankyo Performance V600 Projector serves up a HD 1080p quality image at up to 300 inches across, all for under $150 for a limited time. 

Marvel Movie Kisses Ranked Worst To Best

After so much tragedy, watching Tony Stark be a good dad is one of the greatest joys of Endgame.

Why We Might Never See Zack Snyder Direct An MCU Movie

In January of 2021, Zack Snyder sat down with the ComicBook Debate YouTube channel to largely promote his upcoming Justice League movie.

Here’s How You Can Watch Every Terminator Movie

Salvation was received poorly enough that the new trilogy it was intended to launch was unceremoniously scrapped, and in 2015, we got the movie that was supposed to launch yet another new trilogy

The Movie This Bridgerton Star Nearly Booked

Dynevor, who was born and raised in Manchester, England, was seemingly always destined to be in show business.

Strangest Movie Roles By The Original Star Trek Cast

William Shatner was a prolific actor before Star Trek, landing guest and recurring roles on series like The Twilight Zone, Thriller, and The Defenders, as well as feature films like Judgment at Nuremberg.

Here’s How To Watch Every Movie In The TMNT Trilogy

While they're not plentiful, there are a handful of options to choose from in setting up your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-themed movie night.

Here’s How You Can Watch Every Indiana Jones Movie

When preparing for your next Indiana Jones viewing party, you'll find that most of the big names in the streaming world like Netflix and Disney+ are devoid of pop culture's favorite part-time archaeologist.

Every Transporter Movie Ranked Worst To Best

So far, the only one of these to materialize is The Transporter Refueled.

The Thrilling Heist Movie That’s Killing It On Netflix

Don't worry if Cut Throat City wasn't on your radar — the film was originally slated for a summer 2020 theatrical run.

What These Movie Monsters Look Like Without Makeup

You might think Ray Wise plays Dr. Alec Holland, a.k.a. Swamp Thing, in the unfortunate 1982 eponymous cult film.

The Forgotten Parody Movie Currently Dominating Hulu

Although Meet the Blacks didn't get much love from critics, nor did it exactly make a huge splash culturally when it released, the movie did do well at the box office.

The Zombie Movie You Can Watch On HBO Max Right Now

Along with hungries, there are also hybrid human-zombies, children who were infected in the womb.
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The Drug Mission That Didn’t Make It Into GTA 5

It starts off with the player ambushing a drug deal and killing everyone involved.

Will We Ever Get A Jason Bourne 6?

Although, surprisingly, he did say he'd be interested in seeing another sequel, telling the outlet that he'd be "first in line.

Things You Never Knew About Mass Effect 2’s Jack

As it turns out, Taylor and Jack have more in common than their voice. Taylor also had a rebellious streak.

Sonic Prime Netflix Release Date, Cast And Plot

Just don't expect a gritty reimagining of the hero, though, as the series is aimed at kids aged six to 11.

Movies That Overpromised And Underdelivered

. At the time, it was the most expensive film ever made.
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