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The DC Comics Star You Missed In The Little Things

The Little Things features a character by the name of Tina Salvatore, an individual with virtually no information about her floating around on the internet at the time of this writing.

Bernie Sanders’ mittens and 2 other inauguration moments you may have missed

The one thing that people cannot stop talking about is Bernie Sanders. Almost immediately, the Vermont Senator went viral as memes began to flood social media.

The Makeup Mishap You Completely Missed In WandaVision

No, Vision didn't bare all for the first nude scene in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

You May Have Missed This Minecraft Tribute In Skyrim

Around the launch of Minecraft, Mojang had announced plans for an upcoming collectable card game called Scrolls.

Hidden Gaming Gems You Missed In 2020

Souls-style games like Bloodborne and Dark Souls punish players with unrelenting enemies, horrific boss battles, and unclear pathways to success.

What fans missed about Boba Fett in Empire Strikes Back

Boba first appears when Darth Vader (David Prowse/James Earl Jones) hires a group of bounty hunters to go after the Millennium Falcon.

The Rosa Salazar cameo you totally missed in Alita

Hugo (Keean Johnson), Alita's love interest, has always dreamed of moving to Zalem, a city in the sky where the wealthy live.

Small details you missed in Among Us

This next secret isn't so much a deliberately hidden feature as much as it is a poorly communicated one.

The Beyonce tribute you missed in Netflix’s Bridgerton

Since its premiere on Christmas Day last year, Bridgerton has been making waves, and for good reason.

Small details you missed in Wonder Woman 1984

On the surface, Pedro Pascal's Maxwell Lord is significantly different from the Lord of the comics.

WandaVision’s nod to The Dick Van Dyke Show you missed

WandaVision's premiere also honors The Dick Van Dyke Show and its contemporaries from the annals of television history in a few other practical ways.

The Donnie Darko reference you missed in WandaVision

Purdy played Cherita Chen, whose appearance and strong accent lead to her being made a social outcast at school.

The Spider-Man connection you missed in WandaVision

After Wanda and Vision successfully make it through the work dinner, they sit their couch and lament about missing the trademarks of a normal relationship.

The hidden Avengers easter egg you missed in God of War

Atreus is actually God of War's representation of the Norse god Loki. Of course, God of War's iteration of Loki involves far more mystery and intrigue than the Marvel Cinematic Universe's version of Loki.

The alien easter egg you missed in New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a title that changed the Animal Crossing series, but it's not the first to include creepy easter eggs.

The underrated N64 shooter you may have missed

It focuses on placing players in science fiction worlds full of insectoid foes to blast to bits.
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