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Why Marvel Fans Should Notice WandaVision’s Butterflies

Meet Layla Miller, a.k.a. Butterfly, a mutant whose initial glut of superhuman powers rival the specificity of a can of Bat Shark Repellant.

New WandaVision posters have Marvel fans speculating

The first poster we see from the WandaVision Twitter shows Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) standing behind an attractive new television set with a couple of eyebrow-raising taglines.

The Marvel and DC Comics cameos for Amazon’s Invincible

What's likely not appearing on the show is the second dimension Invincible ends up in: the Marvel Comics universe.

Are The Boys’ Seven modeled after this Marvel team?

Created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Sal Buscema, the Squadron Sinister was Marvel's shot across the bow of DC Comics.

Marvel boss teases the future of the Avengers franchise

"I would have to think so," Feige said when asked if there would ever be another Avengers movie.

Marvel fans react to Chris Evans’ rumored return as Cap

Redditor bennychetan98 started a thread in MCU Theories discussing how Captain America could return.

What is S.W.O.R.D. in the Marvel Comics?

It all goes back to 2004, the better part of a decade before Joss Whedon wrote and directed The Avengers.

Marvel movie bloopers better than the original scenes

They both hit their fame sweet spots in the 1980s, they both appear in 2017's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,

How many years of the MCU has Marvel planned out?

The MCU will also welcome an adaptation of Fantastic Four at some indeterminate date in the future.

Other Marvel sitcoms we could see after WandaVision

For most of his roughly 60 years of existence, the Silver Surfer has been a decent barometer for how seriously a person took comic books.

Marvel fans can rest easy after Feige’s Phase 4 update

Black Widow was supposed to kick off the MCU's Phase 4 last year, as it was originally slated to hit theaters on May 1, 2020.

Kevin Feige on WandaVision kicking off Marvel Phase 4

Looper was invited to attend a press event held January 10 during which Feige expressed unbridled enthusiasm for both the launch of WandaVision and the beginning of Phase 4.

How The Mandalorian has shaped upcoming Marvel projects

During the January 10 presser, Looper's Tim Lammers asked Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige a question about The Mandalorian's influence on WandaVision:

The Marvel movie Zack Snyder would love to make

Elektra's Marvel Comics history is rife with tragedy and violence — subject matter Snyder is more than accustomed to by this point in his career.

The big Marvel connection you never noticed in Soul

While most people in the general population believe Stan Lee is responsible for bringing the likes of the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, and Black Panther to life, that's only half the story.

Are these two Marvel heroes hidden in WandaVision?

While Billy grows up with the nice Kaplan family, Tommy becomes the only child of the Shepherds, who live in Springfield, New Jersey.
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