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Man Who Turned Himself ‘Black Alien’ Now Struggles To Speak After Having Nose And Top Lip Removed

The 32-Year-Old documented his dramatic body alterations and had removed his nose in Spain as the procedure was recognized illegal in France.

Meet The World’s Dirtiest Man: He Hasn’t Bathed In 67 Years

You know that feeling when the water flow in your house is cut off for reasons of maintenance?

Why The Original Mega Man Was Actually A Bust

While the first Mega Man game featured an infamously terrible cover art illustration, that's not what almost killed the series.

Who Plays The Old Spice Man In The Old Spice Ads?

During a 2011 interview with NBC Connecticut, Mustafa explained that he saw it as his chance to really create a name for himself outside of his commercial work.

Barber Gives This Homeless Man A Makeover, And Now He Looks Unrecognizable

The crisis will require years of hard work and significant intervention to address it fully.

Man Spends $400 To Treat Dog’s Limping Only To Find Out He Was Imitating Him Out Of Sympathy

‘It cost me £300 in vet fees and X-rays, nothing wrong, just sympathy. Love him.’ Russell had captioned his post. 

NYPD releases video of attackers who beat and stripped man in Chinatown

According to police reports, the gang attacked the victim on Friday at around 11:30 a.m. The appalling incident occurred near Canal and Allen streets in Manhattan.

Woman Shares How A Man Shamed Her For Refusing To Sleep With Him, And It Goes Viral

It’s as if their whole life, they’ve never been taught that people can and will refuse them.

Man Wants To Ban His Girlfriend From Using Tampons

Stories hinged on Boyfriends buying their girlfriends tampons have left social media users in positive reactions countless times.

Man Offers $70 M To Find A Hard Drive Loaded With 7500 Bitcoin That He Threw Away Accidentally

Now, Mr. Howells is offering his city council $70million if allowed to excavate a landfill site, where he believed the hard drive had been disposed of.

Man Won £58M Lottery And Treats Friends To A Luxurious Dubai Holiday

. While big money connotes big challenges, people are continually proving they’re ever prepared for it.

Man Got Hilarious Christmas Text From Mom Asking Why He’s Single, And It Goes Viral

Accordingly, parents can be quite brutal with their kids’ thoughts being single, and indeed Adem Waterman just got his fair share. 

Man Got Hilariously Brutal Text From Mom Asking Why He’s Single, And It Goes Viral

Accordingly, parents can be quite brutal with their kids’ thoughts being single, and indeed Adem Waterman just got his fair share. 

Man Proposes To His Train Driver Girlfriend As She Pulls At Dublin Station

The proposal of marriage is one of the most romantic things on Planet Earth. And while you can’t underestimate how overwhelming it can be, it’s typically a day the majority of women worldwide look forward to.

Black man wrongfully convicted of killing Mississippi woman FREED after 26 years on death row

Eddie Lee Howard, 67, was put behind bars on death row in 1994. He was found guilty of the 1992 killing of 84-year-old Columbus woman Georgia Kemp, based on an outdated bite mark.

12-Year-Old Girl Raises $50K for Homeless Man Who Returned Her Grandmother’s Lost Wallet

57-year-old Sean Currey had been going through the garbage behind a coffee shop in California when he found the wallet belonging to Evelyn Topper, 80.
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