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15 Texts From Exes That Got Hilariously Savage Replies

They can never love anyone else, and you will be their only for a lifetime.

20 Times Cats Did Hilariously Strange Cat Things

Of course, some of you are dog people, but cats place a special place in our hearts with their behavior that can be very human at times.

30 Hilariously Rare Insults By People Who Deserve Awards For Their Wit

It takes a lot of creativity to craft unique insults to people. And we’re not talking about simple, mundane, and boring insults.

24 Times People’s Online Orders Gone Hilariously Wrong

Buying clothes online is almost like gambling, especially when it comes to notorious sites or shady, unfamiliar ones.

28 People Who Didn’t Do The Math And Made People Facepalm Hilariously

You probably have no idea what we meant, but we’re talking about people who speak of numbers like they didn’t know how multiplications work.

Man Got Hilariously Brutal Text From Mom Asking Why He’s Single, And It Goes Viral

Accordingly, parents can be quite brutal with their kids’ thoughts being single, and indeed Adem Waterman just got his fair share. 

23 Hilariously Bad Celebrity Portraits By Tw1tter Picasso

It’s quite captivating and even more hilarious, with celebrities being the inspiration for awful portraits.

25 People Who Had One Job But Still Failed Hilariously

Even the most perfect, seemingly foolproof planning can go awry with just one single error.

18 Hilariously Interesting Pick-Up Lines That Men Have Ever Used

The moment you share that, the lonely, bitter souls of those millennials and Gen Z’s will strike hard. Really hard.

30 Hilariously Worst Interior Designs That Are Borderline Lethal

As far as we know, nobody has been killed by these… questionable designs. It is either the designers who hated the people who hired or will live there, or they really don’t care anymore.

The Weeknd’s Creepy New Look In His Latest Music Video Left Fans Hilariously Stunned

It has only been six days into 2021, and 30-year-old vocalist of The Weeknd Abel Makkonen Tesfaye appeared as what many dubbed ‘Abel Kardashian.’

Artist’s 30 Hilariously Candid Illustrations That Speak Louder Than Words

They say you can tell a thousand-word story with only one picture. That’s the concept Yuval Robichek believes in when he draws.

20 Christmas Posts By People Who Are Having Hilariously Worst Day

Christmas is supposed to be exciting for us all. It’s the holiday season, and we get to spend time with our family.

20 People Who Manage To Break The ‘Rules’ So Hilariously

These are people who don’t let rules define them. Why let some stupid regulations ruin your fun?

30 Hilariously Clever Tweets By People Who Don’t Want Kids

“Have kids,” they say. “It’ll be fun,” they say. Well, after almost a whole year of quarantine in 2021, we believe the number of people who tell how having kids will change your life will lessen for real.

20 Hilariously Extra Dad Things Ever Shared On The Internet

They can’t stop themselves from cracking dad jokes, no matter how much we explain how cringey they can be.
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