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The Comedy-Horror Hidden Gem You Can Watch On Hulu Plus

Horror fans will be delighted when they uncover this slasherific horror morsel on Hulu Plus.

The Dark Fantasy Hidden Gem You Can Watch On Netflix

Despite the book's massive popularity and acclaim, A Monster Calls went mostly unnoticed by audiences when it hit the big screen in 2016, grossing a little more than $47 million worldwide.

Vision’s Book Has Hidden Meaning

Grainy as it is by design, the seconds-long shot of Vision with his nose in a book doesn't give us a great look at the tome's cover.

The Vampire Anime Hidden Gem You Can Binge On Hulu

The year is 2012, which sees the end of the world as we know it as a result of a man-made virus that wipes out most of humanity.

Hidden Gaming Gems You Missed In 2020

Souls-style games like Bloodborne and Dark Souls punish players with unrelenting enemies, horrific boss battles, and unclear pathways to success.

Hidden Gems Coming To Netflix In February 2021

Paul Rudd is a walking, talking example of Murphy's law in 2011's aptly-titled comedy Our Idiot Brother.

The hidden meaning behind Twisted Metal Black’s plot

Twisted Metal: Black takes a detour from the structure of the franchise, leaving Los Angeles behind for the fictional city of "Midtown," with most of the game's roster residing in Blackfield, the local asylum.

The hidden Avengers easter egg you missed in God of War

Atreus is actually God of War's representation of the Norse god Loki. Of course, God of War's iteration of Loki involves far more mystery and intrigue than the Marvel Cinematic Universe's version of Loki.

The music easter egg hidden in dozens of Nintendo games

The first title to feature "Totaka's Song," was, fittingly, the first game on which Totaka worked.

The martial arts hidden gem available on Netflix

In 1974 this trope was perfectly parodied by Mel Brooks in the classic comedy Blazing Saddles.

Why the letter in Cobra Kai season 3 has hidden meaning

In The Karate Kid, Daniel stumbles upon a letter Mr. Miyagi received, informing him that his wife and child died during childbirth.

Are these two Marvel heroes hidden in WandaVision?

While Billy grows up with the nice Kaplan family, Tommy becomes the only child of the Shepherds, who live in Springfield, New Jersey.

The hidden message in Contra that Americans didn’t see

If you grew up playing the NES, you'd be surprised to learn how many games on the system had secret endings you never knew about.

This Kyler quote from Cobra Kai has hidden meaning

Following a brief second round with the bullies, Johnny subdues Kyler again.

Man Gifts GF DNA Test Kit For Christmas But Ends Up Exposing 30 Years Hidden Secret

Reacting, users reassured the boyfriend that he wasn’t at fault. ‘The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off.
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