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The Forgotten Nick Cannon Comedy Everyone’s Watching On HBO Max

Drumline tells the tale of Devon Miles (Cannon), a cocky, but talented, drummer who cannot read music.

The Underrated Historical Epic You Can Binge On HBO Max Right Now

One look at Rotten Tomatoes will give you an idea of Rome's legacy — the series currently holds an 86% critic rating and a 98% average audience score.

The Gerard Butler Disaster Flop Finding New Life On HBO Max

Geostorm had a rough go of things behind the scenes.

The Forgotten Ryan Gosling Comedy On HBO Max

One day, Lars says he's bringing a girl over to dinner, and his family is shocked to learn it's a plastic, life-size doll.

The Forgotten Jensen Ackles Slasher Movie On HBO Max

Directed by frequent Wes Craven collaborator Patrick Lussier, My Bloody Valentine 3D hits all of the classic slasher movie beats.

The HBO Max Release Date For The Snyder Cut Revealed

WarnerMedia revealed that March 18, 2021 is the Snyder Cut's official release date, so mark your calendars now.

The Crime Series That Everyone’s Binging On HBO Max

Despite being an import that has largely flown under the radar stateside, Gomorrah has a vocal and loyal fanbase who love to talk up the series.

The Denzel Washington Film That’s Killing It On HBO Max

After nearly three decades trapped in development limbo, director John Lee Hancock's latest project, The Little Things, has come to fruition.

The Intense Anime Hidden Gem You Can Stream On HBO Max

Critics seem to agree that Promare is a triumph of animation. Richard Whittaker of The Austin Chronicle raved, "For fans, this is everything [Hiroyuki] Imaishi maniacs can ask for

‘Babylon 5’ Returns to HBO Max, And It Doesn’t Look Like Garbage

One of the most underappreciated Sci-Fi series of the 90s was Babylon 5, a show filled with nuance, twisting plots, and some of the earliest CGI use in a television show.

The Underrated Ryan Reynolds Mystery On HBO Max

It may sound strange to call a movie based on one of the most popular franchises of all time "underrated."

The Zombie Movie You Can Watch On HBO Max Right Now

Along with hungries, there are also hybrid human-zombies, children who were infected in the womb.

The Underrated Dwayne Johnson Monster Movie On HBO Max

. A number of creatures, including a crocodile, a wolf, and an albino gorilla are all exposed to the pathogen causing them to grow to incredible size and turn violent.

The Forgotten Bruce Willis Sci-Fi Thriller On HBO Max

12 Monkeys is a dystopian science-fiction film from visionary director Terry Gilliam, and it's arguably his best.

The forgotten George Clooney heist movie on HBO Max

Ultimately, the group unexpectedly finds a treasure map in a very odd place, which they believe will lead them to a secret bunker full of gold.

The Anne Hathaway heist movie that's killing it on HBO Max

Here's why you should check out HBO Max's newest original heist film, Locked Down.
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Ryan Fischer, Gaga’s dogwalker, was in front of his house with her three French bulldogs on Sierra Bonita Avenue in Los Angeles when he was attacked by thieves.

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"What's clear to us is that there's a lot of compassion and empathy around him as an actor.

Things Only Adults Notice In Sister Act

After Deloris gets captured, her sisters at Saint Katherine's take it upon themselves to come to the rescue rather than count on the police to get there in time.

How Old Was Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson When He Filmed The Mummy Returns?

The Mummy Returns came out on May 4, 2001, when Johnson was two days over 29 — but we're looking for his age when the movie was shot, not when it was released.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 Release Date, Cast And Plot

The show's main characters could be in a very different place when season 12 is over.
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