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Things You Forgot Happened In Interview With The Vampire

You sometimes hear about how the queer subtext of Interview with the Vampire was toned down because, you know, it was 1994.

What Happened To The Actor Who Played Pi In Life Of Pi?

It didn't take Suraj Sharma long to follow up his role in Life of Pi, and he immediately proved he could hold his own against A-list actors as well as he did against VFX tigers.

What Happened In Endgame During WandaVision Blip Scene

Hawkeye hears the hum of his phone, Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) gazes out the window, and Monica Rambeau returns to existence.

The True Lies TV Series That Almost Happened

As announced by Deadline back on September 13, 2010, Cameron — hot off the heels of Avatar — eyed a return to television for his next creative venture.

What Happened To Sister Mary Robert In Sister Act?

In all honesty, Makkena didn't perform Sister Mary Robert's vocals for Sister Act; her singing voice was actually provided by Andrea Robinson. 

Whatever Happened To Mary Patrick In Sister Act?

She has starred in countless movies and shows, and has an outstanding voice acting resume to complement her live-action performances. 

Here’s why Mr. & Mrs. Smith 2 never happened

In a 2010 interview with Vanity Fair, Jolie opened up about her then-relationship with Pitt — the two divorced in 2016 — as well as their six adopted and biological children.

Inglourious Basterds 2 almost happened

Just like the Kill Bill movies, Inglourious Basterds is split into chapters, with each chapter following a different strand of the plot.

Why Unstoppable 2 never happened

While Unstoppable may come across as your typical action-thriller, this story didn't initially originate in the mind of a Hollywood screenwriter.

Why a Sex and the City 3 movie never happened

One thing that has to be acknowledged in any discussion of why Sex and the City 3 fell apart is that Sex and the City 2 was, in many ways, kind of a disaster.

What happened to Devar and Melanie from 90 Day Fiancé?

What Now? After they married, Devar went to school for underwater welding in another state.

Things you forgot happened in Valentine’s Day

Since Valentine's Day is a rom-com which takes place during the most romantic day of the calendar, one would think that everyone would end up in a couple.

Jon Hamm’s breakthrough nearly happened before Mad Men

In an alternate reality, audiences may have associated Jon Hamm with the sunny beaches of California instead of the massive skyscrapers of New York.

What happened to the cast of Dollhouse?

Dollhouse thrilled fans for two dramatic seasons' worth of sci-fi storytelling. Here's what the cast has been up to since the show's untimely end.

Whatever happened to Radical Heights?

A genre is popularized or invented; other companies grab a piece of the popularity pie with their own entries, and gamers gather around their favorite titles.

Whatever happened to Aisha in Cobra Kai?

The first episode of Cobra Kai season 3, "Aftermath," has some characters playing catch-up as the audience learns what everyone's been up to since martial arts war broke out in the season 2 finale.
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People do weird things when they’re drunk. When you’re not in your right mind, your instinct kicks in.

People Who Won A Golden Globe Award After They Died

One of the most iconic young actors of his generation, James Dean only appeared in a handful of films before his 1955 death after a car accident, when he was just 24 years old.

What Happened To The Cast Of Crossing Jordan?

Jordan is obsessed with using her talents to solve murders, and the show finds her working with a mix of other medical professionals and detectives.

Influencer Fearlessly Exposes The Secret Behind Unrealistic Instagram Photos

Instagram Vs. Reality isn’t a new subject matter, but there aren’t that many people exposing the tricks that some influencers use in making their physique appear a certain way for perfect photos.

The Real Reason Jennifer Lawrence Hated Her Romantic Scenes With Chris Pratt

According to Lawrence, the romance scene filming experience was "really bizarre" and "really weird."
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