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The Forgotten Jensen Ackles Slasher Movie On HBO Max

Directed by frequent Wes Craven collaborator Patrick Lussier, My Bloody Valentine 3D hits all of the classic slasher movie beats.

The Forgotten Russell Crowe Sci-Fi Thriller On Hulu

While the '90s delivered a handful of game-changing altered reality thrillers

The Forgotten Taika Waititi Comedy On Netflix Right Now

When looking back at Waititi's filmography, it's clear he has an affinity for oddball characters with eccentric personality traits.

The Forgotten Angelina Jolie Spy Thriller On Amazon

Although in retrospect, Salt feels like the perfect vehicle for Jolie in the early 2010s, she wasn't originally meant to star in the movie.

The Forgotten Nicolas Cage Thriller Available On Amazon

Face/Off's plot and premise are outrageous on their own, but the acting and dialogue put it so far over the top that it's in the stratosphere.

The Forgotten Parody Movie Currently Dominating Hulu

Although Meet the Blacks didn't get much love from critics, nor did it exactly make a huge splash culturally when it released, the movie did do well at the box office.

The Forgotten Bruce Willis Sci-Fi Thriller On HBO Max

12 Monkeys is a dystopian science-fiction film from visionary director Terry Gilliam, and it's arguably his best.

The Forgotten Chris Evans Sci-Fi Movie Now On Hulu

Push takes place in a world in which the government established a "Division" to conduct experiments on human subjects, giving them various psychic abilities.

The forgotten George Clooney heist movie on HBO Max

Ultimately, the group unexpectedly finds a treasure map in a very odd place, which they believe will lead them to a secret bunker full of gold.

The forgotten John Cena movie dominating Disney+

Peaking at number two at the box office, it's spent the last few years vaguely present at the back of the collective consciousness.

The forgotten Johnny Depp film killing it on Netflix

Additionally, the movie is packed with references to other classic Westerns and other films from yesteryear.

The Mario sports mashup you may have forgotten about

As such, the developer sought permission to have Mushroom Kingdom's finest star in the project, and thus Mario Hoops 3-on-3 was born.

This forgotten Bruce Willis comedy is on Disney+

The Kid was a box office hit in 2000, but critical reception was mixed.
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