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The Criminal Minds Episodes That Break Fans’ Hearts

We'll get to those in a minute. First, we have an episode with an unsub that fans actually find sympathetic.

Mads Mikkelsen Gives Hannibal Fans Hope About Season 4

In June 2016, Fuller teased where he wanted a new season to go, indicating that both Dancy and Mikkelsen were up for it, and that time was actually on his side to make it happen.

The State Fans Think Criminal Minds Gives A Bad Rap

The answers as to why there may have been an anti-Sunshine State slant on the series were pretty telling.

The Final Girl That Horror Fans Think Is The Best

Jamie Lee Curtis was only 19 when she landed the role of Laurie Strode in Halloween, which John Carpenter

The Surprising Criminal Minds Season That Divides Fans

While fans disagreed on a lot of aspects of season 12, they were fairly unified in their criticisms of the unsub storylines of the season.

The JJ Moment That Criminal Minds Fans Love To Watch

User AngelDoee3 posited that Cook's own feelings fueled the intensity of the scene because it's her own son (Mekhai Andersen) playing Henry.

Exciting News Just Dropped For Fans Of The Blacklist

Now, as was the case with most television series, production on The Blacklist had to go on hiatus as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Harry Potter Fans Think The Movies Failed This Weasley

When readers first meet Ginny in Chamber of Secrets, she's extremely meek — mostly because she's just eleven years old and is nursing an absolutely enormous crush on Harry.

Pixar Fans Should Be Hyped For Monsters At Work

Crystal's comments confirm the series will take place about six months following the events of Monsters, Inc.

Game Romances Fans Absolutely Despised

Conceptually, there's nothing off about Shephard and Liara's romance in Mass Effect, but fans have noted that their arc stands out as one of the most poorly written in the series.

Battle Angel Fans Weigh In On Future Platforms

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the movie theater industry.

The Fidelius Charm Plot Hole Harry Potter Fans Solved

In short, it's a very complicated spell that conceals an important secret inside of a witch or wizard's soul.

Uncharted Fans Just Got The Worst News About The Movie

The dark cloud of the COVID-19 pandemic still looms large, and the global situation isn't improving at a very fast rate.

A Surprising Prop Detail That Bothers Yellowstone Fans

"99.78653% sure Ram is a sponsor so they want them trucks looking dazzling, yo," one Reddit commenter said.

Why Marvel Fans Should Notice WandaVision’s Butterflies

Meet Layla Miller, a.k.a. Butterfly, a mutant whose initial glut of superhuman powers rival the specificity of a can of Bat Shark Repellant.

Actors Who Fans Most Want To See As The New James Bond

Netflix's Bridgerton, a drama series set in London's Regency era, has been a major success for the streaming conglomerate.
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