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The season 5 mystery The Expanse fans want resolved

A driving force of The Expanse's internal dynamics is the longstanding conflict between the wealthy Earth, the plucky Mars, and the chaotic Belt.

Steven Strait’s favorite duo on The Expanse

As viewers know, after Holden was infected with the protomolecule, it began to talk with Holden by taking the form of the deceased Investigator Miller, played in The Expanse by former Punisher star Thomas Jane.

Steven Strait on that big scene in The Expanse season 5

During an interview with io9, Strait discussed the evolution that Holden has undergone across the five seasons of The Expanse.

Why Admiral Sauveterre from The Expanse looks so familiar

Think the Martian admiral looks familiar? He should.

Why Cyn from The Expanse looks so familiar

Some fans may have noticed that behind his extensive facial tattoos, Cyn seems somewhat familiar.

Why Oksana from The Expanse looks so familiar

The British-born French-Canadian actress is likely ringing some bells for fans of The Expanse, as she's had a handful of significant roles on big dramas before.

Why Naomi Nagata from The Expanse looks so familiar

Although Dominique Tipper has been acting professionally since 2007, she struggled in the trenches for a few years before landing her first substantial role in a major motion picture.

Why Sakai from The Expanse looks so familiar

She fits right at home among the rest of the cast, which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone familiar with her previous work.
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