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The Shrek Character You Didn’t Know Larry King Played

With her gruff voice and demeanor, Doris is a hilarious standout in Shrek 2

What You Didn’t Know About Halo’s Elites

Long ago, the Prophets visited the Elites' planet of Sanghelios. Back then, Elites were much less advanced (though still spacefaring). 

The Yellowstone actor you didn’t notice in Cobra Kai

Though Serpico is something of a familiar face, the truth is that some fans didn't recognize him on Cobra Kai right away, for a pretty surprising reason:

28 People Who Didn’t Do The Math And Made People Facepalm Hilariously

You probably have no idea what we meant, but we’re talking about people who speak of numbers like they didn’t know how multiplications work.

Why Vikings’ creator didn’t write spin-off

Of course, there's still the matter of the remaining episodes of Vikings. Hirst gave us a spoiler-free overview of these last episodes, saying, "I'm very proud of them.

The minor Breaking Bad character who didn’t need to die

To be fair, it's unclear whether Donald Margolis (John de Lancie) is alive or not at the end of Breaking Bad.

The secret ending you didn’t see in Final Fantasy X-2

getting a score of 100% completion is a challenge that only die-hard gamers may wish to undertake.

The secret ending you probably didn’t see in Bloodborne

 One can be looted from Mergo's corpse. Another can be found in the Abandoned Old Workshop.

The bizarre NES parental control device you didn’t know

This company would invent things like home protection devices and toys.

What you didn’t notice about Sam’s Cobra Kai movie date

Mouser, Macchio, and Zabka had the chance to sit down for a virtual chat with SYFY WIRE to discuss the recently released third season of Cobra Kai.

The Cobra Kai season 3 finale fight we didn’t see

"A lot of people don't know this but that fight was originally supposed to be in the Miyagi-do backyard," Maridueña told Seventeen.

What you didn’t know about the Harvest Moon spin-off

The first installment in the series established a template for subsequent games to follow.

Why Taylor Lautner didn’t return as Sharkboy

In an interview with Decider, director Robert Rodriguez was asked whether he made an attempt to bring back Taylor Lautner to the role that made him famous prior to Twilight.

The hidden message in Contra that Americans didn’t see

If you grew up playing the NES, you'd be surprised to learn how many games on the system had secret endings you never knew about.

30 Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Needed

There are many things we use today that we never imagine we’d need in life.

Cobra Kai season 3 accomplishes what Karate Kid didn’t

Longtime fans will recall that The Karate Kid Part II, released in 1986, took the series' heroes back to Mr. Miyagi's hometown in Okinawa.
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Sonic Prime Netflix Release Date, Cast And Plot

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