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The Jason Bateman Comedy Taking Over Amazon Video

As Game Night begins, audiences meet Max (Bateman) and Annie (Rachel McAdams), a happily married couple with a shared — and slightly insane — competitive streak.

The Classic ’80s Comedy That Started Larry King In Film

Aside from an obscure one-off appearance in 1961 on the series Miami Undercover, King's first major Hollywood screen credit came courtesy of 1984's Ghostbusters.

The Comedy Series That Everyone’s Binging On Netflix

While Daughter From Another Mother has obvious ties to classic comedies like Yours, Mine & Ours, The Brady Bunch, or Freeform's Switched at Birth, the series is witty and hilarious, grounded by the fantastic performances of the cast.

The Adventure Comedy Series Killing It On Netflix

The third season of Disenchantment dropped on Netflix on January 15, 2021, and it looks as though fans of Groening's signature brand of humor are busy binge-watching the series.

The underrated horror comedy on Amazon Video

The flick's extreme-gore-as-slapstick aesthetic is straight from the Raimi playbook, and the deadpan performances of its two leads are nothing short of hysterical.

The Will Ferrell action comedy now on Netflix

He explained, "White-collar crime has been marketed – billions of dollars have been put in to have us be bored by it

Comedians whose lives were more tragedy than comedy

What made Chris Farley famous is, ultimately, what also killed him. His public persona as an electric goofball couldn't have been a sharper contrast to his private self:

This controversial dark comedy is coming to Netflix

While Spring Breakers may have received middle-of-the-road reviews from many critics, its merits as a film were also hotly contested by movie reviewers who couldn't decide if having bikini-clad coeds commit crimes while wearing ski masks was unbelievably sexist or daringly feminist.

The cult classic sci-fi comedy now available on HBO Max

The film affectionately explores common characteristics and storylines of genre classics like Star Trek and The Day the Earth Stood Still.

The zombie comedy you need to watch on HBO Max

The Dead Don't Die's dazzling ensemble cast is enough on its own to entice most people into checking it out.

This forgotten Bruce Willis comedy is on Disney+

The Kid was a box office hit in 2000, but critical reception was mixed.
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Why Marie From The Bourne Movies Looks So Familiar

German actress Franka Potente arrived on the global cinematic scene in 1998, when she starred as the titular Lola in Run Lola Run (also known by its German name, Lola Rennt).

The Drug Mission That Didn’t Make It Into GTA 5

It starts off with the player ambushing a drug deal and killing everyone involved.

Will We Ever Get A Jason Bourne 6?

Although, surprisingly, he did say he'd be interested in seeing another sequel, telling the outlet that he'd be "first in line.

Things You Never Knew About Mass Effect 2’s Jack

As it turns out, Taylor and Jack have more in common than their voice. Taylor also had a rebellious streak.

Sonic Prime Netflix Release Date, Cast And Plot

Just don't expect a gritty reimagining of the hero, though, as the series is aimed at kids aged six to 11.
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