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How Carl Could Have Become The Main Character Of The Walking Dead

Ever since Rick awoke from his coma and found his family, though, Shane's been more than a bit off his rocker

The Justice League Main Character 43% Of People Would Get Rid Of If They Could

We here at Looper recently ran a poll, asking Justice League fans which member of the team they'd be okay with ditching if they had the chance.

This Breaking Bad Character Created Heisenberg

Hank doesn't just provide the brainwave for Walt's master moneymaking plan.

The Shrek Character You Didn’t Know Larry King Played

With her gruff voice and demeanor, Doris is a hilarious standout in Shrek 2

The Riverdale Character Who Could Return In Season 5

For three seasons, Josie McCoy, played by Ashleigh Murray, was a prominent presence on Riverdale.

Thor 4 Adds Another Guardians Of The Galaxy Character

Whatever the case, Thor's continued involvement with the Guardians is beyond good news as their teaming was one of the most delightfully unexpected twists in Avengers:

The most iconic movie character entrances of this century

A great introduction can tell you everything essential about a character in minutes. Here are the most iconic movie character entrances of the 21st century.

The Harry Potter character who was bigger in the books

The books reveal that Mrs. Figg is a squib (a person born to at least one magical parent, but is unable to produce magic) and that she is also an original member of The Order of the Phoenix.

Why Neil Gaiman wanted an American Gods character dead

The upshot to setting a series in a world inhabited by literal gods is that death really isn't the end of the line, narratively speaking.

This Office character would suffer during the pandemic

Daniels, Nuñez and Flannery, who were promoting The Office's move from Netflix to NBC Universal's streaming service Peacock, opened up about how their characters would deal with COVID-19.

The Cobra Kai character that Zabka says is like Johnny

Though she references her hard circumstances in season 2 when talking with Miguel, it's in the third season of Cobra Kai that audiences get the best picture of Tory's home life:

The classic movie character that inspired MK’s Raiden

Before Mortal Kombat hit arcades in 1992, it was originally going to be a Jean-Claude Van Damme vehicle.

The Boys comic character Homelander needs on the show

In keeping with author Garth Ennis' dimmer-than-rosy view of the comic book industry, The Legend was a cuttingly cruel parody of Stan Lee, the public face of Marvel Comics.

The minor Breaking Bad character who didn’t need to die

To be fair, it's unclear whether Donald Margolis (John de Lancie) is alive or not at the end of Breaking Bad.

The most important character deaths on Sons of Anarchy

Two deaths had the biggest impact on Sons of Anarchy: that of Harry "Opie" Winston (Ryan Hurst) and that of Tara Knowles-Teller (Maggie Siff).

Sons of Anarchy fans think this character was pure evil

In traditional symbolism, the left side represents a number of things, among them that which is feminine and that which is evil.
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 Release Date, Cast And Plot

The show's main characters could be in a very different place when season 12 is over.
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