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Website Redesign​

Nearly 40%​ of visitors will leave a website if it has an ugly design and weak content.

We help brands build websites that communicate clearly, stand out, and sell more. Authentic content with a good design helps boost consumers’ confidence, which leads to up to 4x more sales.
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Our Approach

A website you can be proud of.​

Our redesign engagement reinvents your website from the ground up. Through an immersive project engagement, we offer strategy, design, content, development, and support/maintenance services. Our main goal is to create an experience that communicates directly with your target audiences and gets them engaged with your website.

Storepaperoomates Build (Redesign) is perfect for businesses who are:​

  • Poorly communicating their value/services
  • Not acquiring enough leads through their website
  • Going through a rebranding
  • Not connecting with their target audiences
  • Struggling with keeping their website up to date
  • Looking to attract top talent
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Built to keep up with the demands of your growing company.​

Your business is rapidly growing and your industry is constantly changing. Our custom themes are built to grow with the demands of your business.

Future Planning​

We've worked with a lot of companies over our development course. We use that experience to help you predict and incorporate future needs into the site build.

Highly Customizable Themes​

Our custom themes for Shopify and WordPress, and custom builds, maximize your ability to edit, update, and expand your website over time.
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A design that differentiates you in a competitive marketplace.​

Your website needs to be more than just amazing at the surface level. Our user-centric design approach makes sure every touchpoint of a website is well thought out.

Style Guides​

We create visual style guides that ensure design consistency from top to bottom.

Interaction Design​

We focus on micro-interactions throughout your site to improve customer experience.
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Our Expertise

Web Design and Development

Great web design goes beyond just picking the right fonts, colors and imagery. We design and build intuitive websites that focus on a total user experience aligned with your goals.

Digital Marketing

Marketing leaders know this: just because you build it does not mean they will come. Our team of digital web and online marketing experts will work closely with your team to understand your business objectives, and help create measurable strategies to achieve them.

Digital Growth

Sustaining Digital Growth is like building muscle. Are you spending the right amount time focused on the most impactful KPIs? Do you have the right tools and process to measure and maximize your ROI?

Content / SEO / PPC

A website can look great, but if it doesn't have visibility on search engines and social media it may never be seen! We will guide your team to understand how content, SEO, and pay-per-click advertising can help drive traffic to your website.

App Design & Development

From front-end (what users see) client applications to back-end (how data is used) systems, building and improving an app requires left brain and right brain cooperation. Yeah, we do that here!

UI / UX Design

Ever find yourself yelling at your screen? User focused design first understands the brand, identifies problems, and comes up with creative, data-driven ways to solve them. Whether it's unique web experiences or user interfaces for Smart TV's -- we've got you covered.

Website and App Hosting

Storepaperoomates was founded with a desire to change the status quo. We set out to create the best WordPress hosting platform in the world, and that’s our promise. We don’t settle and are here to stay. Join the growing club who made the switch to better, faster hosting.

Custom Web Development

Our technology team has the expertise and experience to meet any technological need. We have built digital experiences for every industry from insurance to construction, from banking to home automation and commerce – no project is too complex.