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Competitor Analysis​

Intelligence and data analytics are a necessity.​ 73% of businesses are investing more than 20% of tech budgets on intelligence and data analytics

It’s essential to be-in-the-know when it comes to your competitors and what they’re doing. A Competitor Analysis can help you evaluate competitors’ strengths and weaknesses relative to those of your products or services.
Assess my Competition
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Our Approach

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Marketing Strategy Research​

It’s important to understand how your competition is marketing its products or service. What is their customer experience? What marketing channels are they using? You need to ask questions like these to find areas of opportunity for your marketing strategy. Not only will this help your marketing, but it will inform your sales team when dealing with prospects.
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UX Research​

There is more to understanding the user experience (UX) of your competitors’ products or services than visual design alone. The entire experience a user goes through with your competitors is part of the buying journey. Understand what it’s like to go through the marketing funnel. Sign up for their services, download their apps, whatever it is. Go through the whole experience, and take screenshots and notes.
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Visual Competitor Research​

We evaluate how your competitors are presenting their brand, the marketing of their products or services, and the design of the products themselves. A strong strategy differentiates your brand and offerings within your competitive landscape. It’s also best to research indirect or out-of-category brands to find opportunities that your competition is not leveraging.
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Technology Research​

Getting a birds-eye view of where your competition is from a technology perspective can tell you if you’re ahead of or behind the curve for your market. Look into what technologies they are using to build their websites, products, services, etc. See how you stack up, and make adjustments as necessary.
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Content Strategy Research​

Dive into each competitors’ content and take note of the frequency and quality of content created on their website and social channels. Just because they are posting a lot doesn’t mean it’s valuable to the market. Lastly, look into the engagement level of the content and how they are promoting it. These techniques will give you useful insights into how you can improve your content strategy.
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Analysis Plan​

During each step, we keep in mind the tried and true framework of a SWOT analysis. We constantly are thinking about strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats throughout the entire analysis. In the end, we take a step back and look for key insights that provide the most value to our clients. As well as provide recommendations on how our clients can start taking action on these findings.
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Our Process

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Determine Scope​​

Determine the focus areas for the analysis. Typically analysis is broken down to design, content. marketing, technology, and UX.
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Identify Competitors​

Take time to create a list of both direct and indirect competitors. Then narrow your list down around 3-6. More than 10 can make the depth of the research difficult.
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Research + Review​

Get your hands on the competitors’ products or services. Take screenshots, recordings, anything necessary to document hard data.
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Report Key Insights​

There will be many findings, but some are more important than others. Some will be easier to take action. Reporting these key findings is important in takings steps toward improvement.