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E-Commerce is Growing Every Day​. E-Commerce now makes up over 22% of global retail sales.

Good e-commerce experiences center around the customer and the devices they use. They also provide solutions for the people managing the store, logistics, marketing, and finance.
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Our Approach

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Platform Selection​

How will you choose between WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, or a custom-built solution? The platform you choose is a decision that you will live with for years. Our experience integrating various e-commerce platforms can help you choose between them.
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Payment Processing​

Many factors are considered when choosing a payment gateway. Your accounting system, transaction fees, product types, subscriptions, and integration complexity, all need to be considered before deciding on a solution.
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Shipping Solutions​

How is your business delivering your products? You might have a simple integration with UPS, USPS, or FedEx. Or you might have unique shipping needs like custom packaging or dropshipping. The logistics of your shipping strategy requires a full evaluation.
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Inventory Management​

Customers are used to accurately knowing if items are in-stock, back-ordered, special order, and when more inventory is available. It should be straight forward to manage your inventory successfully. Sometimes that means integrating with an ERP solution.
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Sell Across Devices​

E-commerce stores used to be designed for desktop purchasing experiences. Nowadays, customers do much of their research from their mobile devices and expect all the same functionality of a full-featured e-commerce experience but in the palm of their hand with a beautiful, clean, responsive design.
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System Integrations​

Every e-commerce assessment includes research into the required software integrations needed by your business. Simply installing e-commerce software is not good enough, and integrating an ERP, CRM, or Marketing Automation solution is required to manage marketing leads and inventory.
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Our Process

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Discovery +
E-Commerce Strategy​

At the beginning of the project, we perform assessments that provide insights that align an e-commerce strategy with a fantastic user experience.
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Ecommerce Design + Development​

Once a clear strategy and plan are in place we move into the design and build portion of the project. It starts with design sprints and then moves into our agile web development process.
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Quality Assurance + Usability Testing​

Testing is performed throughout the project during every sprint following the 70/30 rule for product development. In addition to in-sprint QA, full testing passes are performed before launching your site to the public.
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Tech Support + Optimization​

When. a new storefront is launched, there is usually support requests to respond to. Either providing help for users learning a new system, or fixing issues that arise from the public using the storefront. Website support packages are available to help.