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3rd Party Software Integration​

according to Social Media’s Today State of Marketing Automation Survey report, 80% of all companies already use at least one kind of marketing automation tool.

The majority of the projects we work on have some kind of 3rd Party software integration. Integrations with other software are often done without a lot of custom programming, it becomes an ideal choice when you want to add custom functionality to your website but don’t want to build the solution from scratch.
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Our Approach

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APIs and Web Hooks​

Does your application need to have 2-way communication with another service? If so, you will be working with some kind of API. Our team has experience building and integrating custom APIs from 100’s of services. Sometimes, you might only need to be notified when something happens in another system, then webhooks are the way to go.
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Payment Gateways​

Any type of e-commerce will inevitably have to integrate with some kind of payment gateway. We recommend that clients ask agencies which gateways they have experience with because they are not all the same. Stripe and Braintree are super nice and easy to integrate but have higher fees. Others are cheaper but poorly built.
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Data Ingestion​

Many sites and applications import data from other sources. Real-estate websites share IDX/MLS data, and entertainment sites import Rotten Tomatoes reviews, the list goes on. We’ve worked with a large amount of data sources and follow best practices ingesting, organizing, and ensuring that 3rd party data is reliably imported into the apps we build.
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Integration Platforms​

In the last few years, some exciting platforms have emerged that provide tools for integrating systems. iPaaS or integration platform as a services like Zapier provide non-programmers a way to send data from one SaaS platform to another. This solution is especially beneficial when working with Google Sheets or other cloud platforms.
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Marketing Automation​

The most common type of marketing automation integration is by adding a 3rd party form on a website. Other times, it could be adding custom event tracking to activities users are performing while browsing. We’ve learned about the benefits and limitations of these platforms, and we can help you access the decision making data that you need.
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Bots and AI​

Chatbots are all the rage right now and for a good reason. Websites that need to provide customer support find that they can help their customers faster, with high reliability, and that means their customers get better overall customer service. Bots can help reduce the overhead of your support staff and help your customers faster.
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Our Approach

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Before we begin, it’s essential to understand the pains we are trying to solve as well as the expected gains you are trying to achieve. The first step in this process is to learn as much as we can about the needs of our clients.
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Here we need to prove that the solution will indeed perform as we intend. Think about how a carpenter will “rough-in” something to make sure it fits. We do the same thing, make sure it works before fully committing, we meet again to review.
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Design & Development​

Designers will evaluate what parts of the solution are customizable and how we can fit this with our client’s brand. The development team fully hooks up the solution and makes sure it is thoroughly tested and will be bug-free when it goes live.
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Delivery & Support​

It’s important to us that our clients feel supported when they launch new features. That’s why we fix any issues found up to 30 days after your website goes live. Most of our clients that have interactive websites also work with us to support their website.