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What Makes Storepaperoomates the Best WordPress Multisite Hosting Provider?

Storepaperoomates offers innovative solutions for setting up and managing a WordPress Multisite network as simple as possible.

If you’re looking for the best WordPress Multisite hosting solution, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you are hosting client sites, running a business site, or managing a community network for a college or university, Storepaperoomates is the right solution for your needs.
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Powered by the Google Cloud Platform

Multisite networks come with a unique set of challenges and obstacles that make scalability and uptime especially critical. If you’re using a shared, cheap, or unreliable hosting provider, the chances that your whole network will go down and become unreachable skyrocket.

The hosting provider you choose also influences how easy it is to set up and manage your WordPress sites. Every day we hear from clients who are curious to learn about what makes Storepaperoomates unique and are looking for a reliable, all-in-one solution for their WordPress Multisite setups.

That’s what we’ll answer here. We’ll discuss what distinguishes Storepaperoomates from other WordPress hosting providers, and explore the benefits of using Storepaperoomates as your Multisite hosting solution.
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Cloudflare Enterprise

DDoS attack protection, free CDN, automatic SSL certificates, and wildcard support
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Built-in Application Performance Monitoring

Identify the performance issues slowing down your site within TheoDashboard, our custom-designed performance monitoring tool for WordPress sites. 
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Blazing Fast Global Content Delivery Network

Take advantage of 200+ locations worldwide to deliver blazing-fast pages and serve your cached assets from your website visitors’ closest location.

Cloudflare Integration for a Faster, More Secure Multisite Setup

Cloudflare is one of the top players in web security and performance. At Storepaperoomates, we pay for Cloudflare’s premium offering for you so that you can enjoy these features for free.

These built-in features give you access to DDoS attack protection, automatic SSL certificates, wildcard support, two powerful firewalls, and Storepaperoomates' Cloudflare-powered CDN has a presence in over 200+ cities worldwide.
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Caching System Speed and Performance

Another way we can help optimize the speed and performance of your Multisite network is through our unique caching system. We use a variety of caching solutions to eliminate the need for external plugins or add-ons. This is particularly helpful when you’re managing multiple WordPress sites. To reduce server load and accelerate response times, we use Bytecode, Query cache, Page, and CDN cache, as well as support for Object cache if needed.
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Free unlimited basic migrations from any host

Migrating your site can be stressful which is why we have a dedicated team of experts ready to help. Save time and money by taking advantage of Storepaperoomates' free and easy migration service.

We also have custom plans

We host agencies and enterprise clients of all sizes. Plans with special needs are available, as well as dedicated VMs.