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Small Business Hosting

You spend the price of a cup of coffee on hosting.

Isn’t your business worth more? For just $25 a month, let Storepaperoomates fuel your WordPress site’s growth with industry-leading small business hosting.
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Free SSL Certificates

Sites on Storepaperoomates are automatically protected by free Cloudflare SSL certificates, and custom SSLs are supported as well. Get world-class SSL encryption with our streamlined setup and built-in Cloudflare integration.
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Free Migrations

Our migration team works around the clock. Schedule the best time to move your SMB site, and we’ll take care of the rest. We use scripts and SSH—not plugins—to ensure zero data is lost.
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Uptime Monitoring

We check the status of all sites we host every minute. That’s 1440 times we’ll check your site every day. Our proactive approach means if there’s a problem with your site, we’ll act fast.
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Backups You Can Trust

Rest easy knowing your data is safe and secure with six types of backups. Sites are automatically backed up daily, and you’ll always find backups of your site in your Theo Dashboard.
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Built-in Application Performance Monitoring

Identify the performance issues slowing down your site within TheoDashboard, our custom-designed performance monitoring tool for WordPress sites. Available in all plans!
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Automatic Caching

Get lightning fast server-level caching built specifically for WordPress. We use byte code, object, page, and CDN caching that delivers a perfect balance between performance and functionality.

A Better Small Business Hosting Experience

Enterprise-grade architecture, high availability, state-of-the-art security, server-level caching, six types of backups, real-time expert support, free migrations… These are must-haves every SMB needs to succeed — and you can have them right now with Storepaperoomates.
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Fine-Tuned for WordPress

You’re ready to take your business to the next level — you just need SMB hosting solutions that won’t crack under the pressure. Trust Storepaperoomates to get it done with small business web hosting optimized for WordPress.
  • Free SSL certificates and migration
  • Uptime monitoring
  • AReady-to-scale
  • Theo Dashboard
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The Cost of Snail’s Pace

A slow website will impact your online success in three key ways:
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If your site is slow, don’t be surprised if it hits your bottom line because 47% of customers expect a site to load in 2 seconds, and 40% will abandon it if it takes longer than 3 seconds.
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Your page load speed and responsiveness to user requests directly impact customer loyalty. It’s simple: better site performance means greater user satisfaction, which in turn means increased sales and brand strength.
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Site speed is a search ranking factor. So the faster your site, the more likely it is Google will rank your small business higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Free unlimited basic migrations from any host

Migrating your site can be stressful which is why we have a dedicated team of experts ready to help. Save time and money by taking advantage of Storepaperoomates' free and easy migration service.