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Technology Evaluation​

How are your tech decisions made?

For every business challenge, there seem to be hundreds of possible solutions. It’s important to explore the trade-offs and benefits that a technology solution provides. It’s important to use data-driven decision-making techniques to maximize your investment.
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Our Approach

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Technology Review & Strategy​

Many businesses already have technology solutions in place and are interesting in looking at alternatives. A thorough review process will align the goals of the business with the capabilities of various platforms. Very few platforms will be a perfect solution so it’s important to understand the pros and cons.
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Usability and Features​

It seems obvious but you should like the solution you are buying. There are enough options now that if a product is bad, let’s stay away from it. Of course, there are always tradeoffs but the selected solution should actually solve your problem and be easy to use. A solution that is too difficult will not be used. 
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Technology Integration​

Most business enablement software needs to be integrated into your website or internal business software. After a solution is selected, the work begins planning out the adoption of the new platform. This includes integrating the software, setting up any necessary data, and training the team to use it.
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Vulnerability Assessment​

Cybersecurity is a growing concern as more businesses embark on digital transformation. Consumers are doing more business online than ever before. Storepaperoomates doesn’t want any of their clients caught by surprise by a cyber attack. We want to help keep your website safe, so we evaluate possible security issues.
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Cost of Ownership

The total cost of a solution is not always clear. It’s important to review all the potential costs of a solution including setup, integration, licensing, maintenance, and support. Often times the cheapest to license may be the most expensive to own. It’s important to know for sure.
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Technology should improve over time, the best solutions should strike a balance between stability, usability, and innovation. If’s great when new features are added periodically that drive value. Alternatively, if a product changes too much too fast, it might be too volatile for your needs.

Our Process

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This phase focuses on information gathering. Data we collect depends on your business and needs. It’s important to collect any and all metrics that can aid our analysis.
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After the data is collected, we analyze it and look for the most impactful points. We examine our findings, match it back to your digital strategy, and find insights that can make a difference.
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Our team takes great care to package up what we’ve learned, and we prepare a final deliverable that your team can understand and use immediately.
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Present Results​

At the end of our hard work, you will receive our full report of findings and recommendations. We present our results, answer questions, and discuss any next steps.