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Product Development

84% of customers prefer innovation focused companies. Customers care if a company is innovating and make their purchasing decisions based on the brand image of the company.

At the core of every software-driven experience is people. People that use the product and people that design and build it. Our team was designed to provide leadership and methods that work, so your customers get the possible version of your innovation.
Build something Great
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Strategy & Discovery

The product vision should demonstrate how the product would deliver value to it’s users. The strategy is the game plan to fulfill the vision and discovery defines what is known (or unknown) as well as any constraints that exist.  We spend an entire phase of the project working on discovery and strategy with our clients.
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Roadmap Planning

We like to focus on crucial user journey tasks first. Then we prioritize all other features with the lowest effort and highest business value. When you’re done, your backlog should look clean, estimated, and organized. Your project manager plans the work into logical sprints of time and helps prepare for future releases.
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Prototyping & UX

Prototyping upfront always reduces the time and money spent down the line. We create customer journey maps, personas and user flows to inform our team about the needs of your customers. This knowledge then gets put into a designed prototype that you can try out. This is the time to test the design and experience.
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Application Design

Our design team spends a great deal of time understanding your brand and purpose. They use that research to provide art direction, mood boards, style guides, iconography, and final product designs. All of our designs are created with the goal of satisfying the end-user.
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Agile Development

The agile methodology provides a structure for team communication, task-based estimating and reporting that tracks a team’s ability to get work done. Our development team is training in the 70/30 rule to deliver the highest quality experience possible.
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Project Management

Our project managers provide excellent service as well as tactics to plan for quality. They keep teams aligned and can navigate changes in the product. Our process and expertise increases quality, predicts completion dates, and keeps the budget on track.
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Our Process

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Design & Discovery

In this phase, we have multiple working sessions with our clients to work on the requirements and design of the product. We perform both UX and technical research and build a product backlog.
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MVP Definition

We collaborate with our clients using an established framework to define a phase one. The product backlog tracks future phases, but we focus on the highest priority items first with a plan to ship early and often.
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Agile Development

Most of the time is spent in the development phase of a project. We keep backlogs groomed, plan our sprints, provide in-sprint QA, and harden the product. The goal is simple, deliver quality, collaborate, and plan for the future.
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Roadmap Planning

Your backlog should only include actionable tickets. All of the user stories are defined and estimated. Each user story sorted in the order of priority. We use sprint planning to help with planning the roadmap and figuring out future phases.