Saturday, April 10, 2021

Zoho Creator is how to create basic business apps even if you don’t know how to code

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With a one-year subscription to Zoho Creator, you can build dozens of business apps for improving your workflows, engaging with customers, and maximizing your time and efforts.

It’s a Catch 22 of modern business. You need to build your enterprise with a sharp eye on technology, streamlining operations, improving efficiency, and helping you and your operation become more responsive to customers, partners, and the rest of the world.

But the catch is…that requires someone tech savvy enough to create those workflows, then build the apps for optimizing a 21st century business. And most small operations can’t immediately afford to hire that guy.

With the help of Zoho Creator, you can be that guy. Right now, a one-year subscription to a Zoho Creator Premium Plan is almost 40 percent off the regular price, just $149.99 from TNW Deals.

Zoho Creator is a simple platform that can help anyone build business apps for maximizing sales, improving customer interactions, and automating workflows, even for those with no coding experience.

PCMag called Zoho Creator was a straightforward, minimalist option that was “a breeze for average business users.” Rather than overloading tech-phobic users with too many questions and features, Zoho Creator makes the process of building apps to fit your business needs surprisingly clean.

If a user wants to build a scheduling app to set meetings and invite co-workers or clients, there are 25 different templates to choose from; or they can build an app from scratch. With a little customization that doesn’t require major back-end programming, users can easily drag-and-drop formatted fields into the app, make changes, and even customize the layout before sharing it with others.

From order management tools to project trackers to support desk features to managing your employees, Zoho Creator is chock full of options for building both web and mobile apps that sync up perfectly with what each business needs.

Users can create apps that compile business data, analyze report findings, and foster better collaboration within a team that work for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android systems. Zoho Creator also integrates easily with a handful of spreadsheets, databases, and other popular services including QuickBooks, PayPal, Salesforce, and more.

A year of access to a Zoho Creator Premium Plan for building up to 50 different apps would usually cost $240, but as part of this offer, you can get 12 months of Zoho Creator now for just $149.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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