Sunday, February 28, 2021

Zack Snyder shares new Justice League Wonder Woman pics

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Perhaps influenced by her latest film, both images Snyder provided features Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

The first image shows Diana in a trench coat, looking nervously off-camera while two security officers stand in the background. We've seen Diana in this exact costume and location before, during the trailer for the Snyder Cut. What this seems to confirm is that, whatever Diana is up to, she's likely someplace she is not supposed to be.

The second image is also focused on Wonder Woman. This one, however, is in the thick of what appears to be the final battle in Justice League. We can see Wonder Woman falling from the sky about to engage with what seems to be the Snyder Cut version of Steppenwolf. This second image in particular was dedicated to Fiona Zheng, founder of

The images bring fans a little bit closer to seeing their beloved Snyder Cut of Justice League, but it's hard to say how much they really mean in conjunction with #RestoretheSnyderverse. While an unpredictable 2020 meant that a new cut of Justice League made more sense than filming an entirely new movie, that doesn't make Snyder's stories fiscally worth reinserting into the DCEU canon. Warner Bros. already has packed DC schedule, with The Suicide Squad, The Batman, Black Adam, The Flash, and sequels for both Aquaman and Shazam set for the next few years. Where exactly more Snyder movies would fit into that plan is unknown enough to deem unlikely.

Regardless, the Snyder Cut of Justice League is expected to premiere on HBO Max in March 2021. It will be interesting to see how many new subscribers the streaming service gains compared with the recent increase they saw during Wonder Woman 1984‘s debut Christmas weekend.

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