Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Xolo Mariduena reveals what Cobra Kai training is like

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Maridueña explained that when Cobra Kai was first starting production, the storyline was heavily focused on himself and Johnny — meaning that he was the only cast member getting put through his paces by the trainers on a daily basis. That, of course, changed before too long. “Going into season three, we [had] a group of maybe six people [who train regularly],” the young star said. “So now we get to work out together. Having someone other than our trainers help push us really works wonders.”

And what does that day-to-day regimen consist of? “We start off with some kind of cardio and a light stretch. If we’re not going over choreography, it’s usually [high intensity interval training], doing circuits back-to-back. That could be 30 seconds doing pushups, 30 seconds doing jumping jacks, putting on the gloves and doing some sparring, just trying to keep that heart rate up. And then if we have choreography we’ll go into that.”

If you’re anything like us, you got a little bit tired just reading that. Fortunately, though, Maridueña’s close relationships with his co-stars helps to make it all feel like a little less work than it really is. “I was super excited to train with my friends,” he said. “On the other hand, I felt like I had accomplished so much, and then they’re are all so frickin’ athletic — it felt like they weren’t even trying and they were doing better. But competition is always good in moderation, and it felt like I had a goal.”

The physical changes not just to Maridueña, but to the entire young ensemble cast, is pretty apparent from Cobra Kai‘s first episodes to its most recent. Of course, as they — and their characters — have become more experienced martial artists, that training regimen has undergone a bit of an evolution.

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